Take time to honor veterans this holiday

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When you unwrap a package of hot dogs today or season those hamburger patties, look at those around you. Celebrate your family and friends. Enjoy your day off from work.

But as you do all of that, take time to reflect on the true meaning of this day.

Today is about honoring the men and women who have sacrificed so much defending our freedom and our great nation to make it possible for us to enjoy all of those things.

They deserve our thanks not only today, but every day of the year. Most of us can only imagine the kinds of sacrifices they have made, and they’ve done so for us.

Some have spent months or years away from their families serving in combat zones, not knowing if they would make it home. Some of them have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Others have returned home to face lingering challenges, such as injuries or post-traumatic stress disorder.

We should never, ever take their sacrifices for granted.

We also owe great thanks to the loved ones of our veterans, who have made tremendous sacrifices of their own.

So as you enjoy the day today, reflect on why you’re able to do so.

It’s Memorial Day for a reason.

Always remember why we celebrate it.