Take advantage of one-stop early voting

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This week is your last opportunity to take advantage of one-stop early voting, if you are eligible to vote and you live in one of the municipalities that has early voting for the Nov. 5 local elections.

Not all of the municipalities that have elections Nov. 5 offer early voting, but Tarboro, Pinetops, Princeville, Nashville, Bailey, Middlesex and Spring Hope do. If you live in one of those towns and you are eligible to vote, take advantage of the flexibility early voting offers.

People who live in those communities who aren’t registered to vote but are eligible to vote can register and then cast a ballot at a one-stop, early-voting site.

One-stop early voting sites for Nash and Edgecombe counties will be open through Saturday, making it easy for people to stop by during a lunch break or time off from work.

A variety of mayoral and town council or town commission seats are up for election this fall, and many of them are contested.

Voter turnout in municipal elections often is relatively low, but the decisions that local elected officials make have a tremendous impact on our daily lives. Town boards make decisions that affect zoning, economic development, schools, parks, recreational opportunities, tax rates, housing, public safety and more.

Make sure you take time to learn about the candidates and exercise your right to vote. As a citizen, one of your major rights is to decide who will lead your community. This is your opportunity to affect change by electing strong leaders, wherever you might live.