Take advantage of early voting this year

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One week remains in the one-stop early voting period for the May 6 primary. That’s plenty of time to take advantage of the opportunity to vote before Election Day.

Early voting is a convenient way for people to cast their ballot because it provides more options and flexibility.

Twin Counties residents can stop by a one-stop early voting location in their respective counties now through May 3. For a list of early voting sites and their days and hours of operation, visit the website for your county’s board of elections.

We encourage people who haven’t already voted to stop by an early voting site at some point this week. You never know what might come up if you wait until the last minute.

However, for those who don’t cast their ballot during the early voting period, there’s always the day of the primary on May 6.

Regardless of when you choose to vote, it’s important to make sure you exercise that right.

The elected officials who represent us on a local and state level, as well as in Congress, have a profound impact on our lives, our families and our communities. The decisions they make in office affect everything from education to job opportunities to our environment to public safety to transportation.

There’s no question the Twin Counties and the state as a whole are facing a number of challenges as we work to create more opportunities and a brighter future for generations to come.

Our elected officials play an important role in shaping what that future will look like.

So whatever you do, don’t sit on the sidelines and let others determine who those leaders will be.