Summer fun comes in a variety of flavors

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With summer upon us, parents are looking for ways to entertain their children and fill idle hours.

Fortunately, there are plenty of activities and programs to choose from, including some that won’t cost a dime.

Local organizations provide a variety of activities designed to challenge, entertain and engage young people and families during the summer.

If your family is looking for something fun to do together, the town of Nashville plans to hold an outdoor movie series that will start June 28. The town will be playing family-friendly films such as “Madagascar 3” and “Wreck-it Ralph.” A number of the movies will be shown at the town’s new Stoney Creek Environmental Park.

Local libraries are a great resource, especially when kids are home for the summer. Libraries offer plenty of free activities and resources for people of all ages.

The Imperial Centre has a variety of opportunities for people to engage in hands-on learning this summer. People can visit the Cummins Planetarium for shows such as Big Bird’s Adventure and Secrets of the Sun.

The Twin Counties offers much more.

A lot of thought is put into designing programs that will entertain children with all different hobbies. So there’s plenty to do, whether your child has an interest in science, sports, reading, music or art. 
Whatever their interests are, the summer programs and activities that are offered throughout the community are a great way to help your children learn and grow. The programs also might help pique their interest in something new.