Storm setbacks relatively minor in area

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North Carolina and other parts South are still digging out, and there’s no underestimating the misery that our neighbors – particularly Georgia – are continuing to deal with, but the Twin Counties managed to dodge the worst of Winter Storm Leon. Or so it seems, as this page is being put together.

The worst of the massive blast of snow and ice left Atlanta traffic in gridlock and thousands of people without power, including a high number in the western part of our state.

At least a dozen deaths have been blamed on the freezing temperatures and ice – mainly traffic-related – though none in North Carolina, according to The Weather Channel.

Credit Rocky Mount snowfighting crews for taking on the brunt of this mess early and effectively.

Early morning travelers on Wednesday found even main roads daunting, but as the sun joined the cause on Thursday, conditions grew much better inside city limits. It was easy to tell during a lunchtime check where Rocky Mount’s responsibilities ended and the snow-covered avenues outside city limits began.

The Rocky Mount Telegram staff dealt with its own set of obstacles. Bad weather always poses a challenge to our carriers, who generally do an amazing job of delivering your newspaper on time. But on Thursday morning, we walked into a flooded office building, thanks to a burst water pipe.

Compared to stranded drivers on snowy highways and families shivering in homes without electricity, our setback was minor, but it has been a mess.

We set up computers in a cluttered training room that was spared the water that soaked other parts of the building.

We have faced earlier deadlines for most of the week because of weather. The flood reminded us once more that winter can hit us in all sorts of ways.