Seat belt campaign clicks with travelers

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It’s such a small click. It takes one ... two seconds, tops. And yet it can do so much to protect the lives of you and loved ones.

North Carolina drivers have heeded the call in a big way to buckle up their seat belts. On average, slightly more than 90 percent of the drivers and passengers in the state – 90.6 percent, to be precise – are wearing seat belts when they go for a drive. That’s the highest mark in state history, according to the N.C. Department of Transportation and the Governor’s Highway Safety Program.

Nash County didn’t score quite so high – 86.9 percent of drivers and passengers are buckling up here. Survey results for Edgecombe, Wilson and other counties in Eastern North Carolina weren’t immediately available.

Gov. Pat McCrory and N.C. Highway Patrol officers credit a vigorous Click It or Ticket Campaign for the improvement. In May, local law enforcement agencies and the Highway Patrol stepped up efforts in the 25 North Carolina counties that had the highest number of traffic fatalities in which seat belts weren’t being worn.

The survey results show the public awareness campaign is paying off. But we have a ways to go when 10 percent of the drivers and passengers on North Carolina roads still don’t buckle up when they travel.

Buckling up takes very little time, causes almost no discomfort and can save lives in the event of a traffic accident. Take two seconds to make sure you and your loved ones are buckled in. It’s a safety practice that really makes a difference.