Rocky Mount welcomes Gov. McCrory

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Gov. Pat McCrory visits Rocky Mount today in a real coup for the Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce and a serious treat for everyone in this community who wants to see economic improvement.

McCrory has been in office for barely a month, and the N.C. General Assembly convened for its long session only one day ago, so it’s far too early to offer any kind of report card on the new governor’s record.

But McCrory certainly hasn’t been shy about taking on significant issues with out-of-the-box thinking. In the short while since he moved into the Executive Mansion, the new governor has:

  • Proposed a long-term look at North Carolina’s infrastructure, an expensive and decidedly unsexy undertaking in political terms, but one that has been neglected for too long.
  • Questioned the value of certain courses of study in the University of North Carolina system, including philosophy and gender studies. McCrory said in a television interview earlier this week that the university system should emphasize majors that will land graduates jobs.
  • Listened as his budget director, Art Pope, questioned the Republican legislative leadership’s plans to change the state tax system. Lawmakers have proposed reducing or even eliminating income taxes and raising the state’s sales tax, instead.

Even without those discussion points, McCrory’s keynote address at tonight’s annual Chamber of Commerce meeting would find an eager audience in Eastern North Carolina.

We’re grateful to the Chamber for bringing in the governor and to McCrory for taking time to speak in an area of the state that very much needs jobs. We look forward to hearing his thoughts on our struggling economy.