Rocky Mount reaches out to Belarus

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In often overlooked ways, in places like Rocky Mount, North Carolina, America still reaches out to the world with compassion and care.

As Telegram staff writer Corey Davis reported this week, 20 children from Belarus found welcoming homes and health care in the Twin Counties a few days ago. Belarus is a small country, once part of the Soviet Union. It weathered a massive dose of radiation following the 1986 nuclear power plant disaster in Chernobyl.

Thanks to the generosity of local doctors, eye care specialists, churches and other people who care, the kids received free eye exams and, in many cases, free prescription glasses. This marks the 16th year the Rocky Mount community has helped children from a distant corner of the world go home with better health and better vision.

Americans spend a lot of time complaining about circumstances that aren’t to our liking and about people who fail to live up to our expectations. But we don’t pause often enough to give ourselves a pat on the back when we deserve it.

The ongoing Belarussian relief effort is a perfect example of the power that a small community can exert when people who care pull together.

We wish the best for our Belarussian friends. And kudos to Dr. David Braswell, Dr. Carol Aune and others at The Eye Care Center on Tiffany Boulevard. Their efforts are making a real difference here – and around the world.


How about poor white

How about poor white children? They suffer more because he system isn't as ready to hand out welfare, food stamps etc. how about preach to your own people, your females about being responsible and not having babies (oh wait, then they lose the food stamps and tax credit). How about being there as parents and grandparents to raise these kids off the street?


is what it is not what you want it to be and all the goodness in the world will not hide the fact that we have ("white" and black) children suffering in our own back yards as some pat themselves on the back for a job well done as the rest of the city burn. "The "hood"

And in response to the story

And in response to the story I think it is a great thing they are doing! Atleast we can read some heartwarming news and not about someone getting shot up in the hood, robberies, or assaults!

"Heart warming news"

If you want to hear "heart warming news" go to church. You will read in the Telegram weekly of killings, assaults, robberies, drug busts, ect. Because those that can make change won't and those who are willing can't.


While you Doctors pat each other on the back poor black children in your own community are suffering and killing each other, clean up your own city and the whole world will see your good work and then it won't be evil spoken of.

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