Red Cross’ need for blood remains great

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The good news from the American Red Cross blood bank is: Donors are listening and heeding the call to give more blood this summer. The bad news: The blood bank still needs more donations.

Summertime often finds the blood bank in need. Regular donors go on vacation. People are busy. Donating blood isn’t on a lot of people’s agendas.

But the need is great anyway. The American Red Cross put out an urgent call in June for more donations. Through July, the Red Cross had seen a 7.5 percent increase in the number of donors who have rolled up their sleeves to give. That resulted in 11,800 donations beyond what had been anticipated.

But the need is still there – particularly for platelet donors and for those whose blood type is O negative, B negative or A negative.

Giving blood takes only a few minutes and is relatively painless. But that simple act can save the lives of friends, loved ones and strangers in need.

The Telegram runs a list of upcoming Bloodmobiles on our Life page every Tuesday. Check the list for a location and time that’s convenient for you.

But most important, give. Donating blood is a unique experience that can’t be substituted with grants or check presentations. Let’s be mindful of those in need.