Recycling efforts paying off in Nash

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Nash County residents do a pretty good job of recycling.

A new report from the N.C. Department of Natural Resources ranked Nash 15th among the state’s 100 counties for total public recycling per capita. On average, Nash County residents recyle almost 170 pounds of waste per person in a year.

Most of our neighboring counties don’t fare so well. Edgecombe recycles about 37 pounds of waste per person annually (86th in the state). Wilson County recycles an average of 76 pounds per person each year (59th in the state). Halifax County is last among the 100 counties, recycling a little more than 4.5 pounds of waste per person in an average year.

The city of Rocky Mount’s recycling efforts no doubt play a large role in Nash County’s recovery rate. And while 15th in the state is something to be proud of, it would pay to look at the practices of other counties, as well.

Pitt County, for example, recycles an average of more than 420 pounds of waste per person in a year. And it’s only the second most efficient county in North Carolina. Catawba County tops the list, recycling almost 640 pounds of waste per person each year on average. That’s almost four times Nash County’s recycling rate.

Recycling cans, newspapers, plastic bottles and other materials helps prolong the usability of landfills and makes our community a more efficient and responsible neighbor.

Congratulations to community leaders and residents who make an effort to keep our county clean.