Princeville makes steps toward a positive future

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It’s encouraging to see some of the positive ideas and actions taking place in the town of Princeville.

During the past couple of months, town leaders have been working to engage the community and others through a comprehensive strategic planning process. They also have been taking other steps to try to move the town forward in a positive direction, including through community clean up efforts.

This is refreshing to see in a town that has so much rich history but also has faced so much turmoil during recent years because of financial struggles and other challenges.

Even though the Local Government Commission still is in control of the town’s finances, it appears that the town has made a number of positive strides since the LGC took control.

We hope that the LGC soon will be able to turn the books back over to town leaders, and we hope that town leaders will be able to continue to move the town forward in a positive and financially solvent direction.

We encourage the community to get behind these efforts or to stay involved if they already have participated in some way.

We as a community should be doing whatever we can to showcase all that Princeville has to offer and to look for ways to create opportunities that will improve the quality of life for those who live there now, as well as for future 


Ready to see

the town hire a Town Manager. When that happens will see some real progress.

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