Political win does nothing to fix woes

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It came as no real surprise to see Congress adjourn Friday for its five-week summer recess without taking definitive action to address the ongoing immigration crisis that continues to plague the country.

The U.S. House remained in session an extra day to approve a $694 million border security bill Friday that has absolutely no chance of winning approval in the U.S. Senate or being signed into law by President Barack Obama.

The House measure provides emergency funding to deal with the crisis – although nowhere near what Obama had sought – and speeds deportations by sending migrant youths home without hearings.

The House also approved a companion measure that aims to deport more than half a million immigrants granted temporary work permits by the Obama administration.

That move came a day after House Republican leaders had to pull an earlier version of the border bill from the floor after a revolt by tea party lawmakers. The Senate adjourned Friday after its legislation to address the crisis on the U.S.-Mexican border went down in a procedural vote.

While conservative lawmakers have every reason to revel in their victory over their more moderate leadership, their triumph does nothing to address the dire situation along the border or solve the myriad of problems in the nation’s immigration system.

All they really achieved was to derail any effective action Congress could have taken last week.

Once again, a complete rejection of any notion of compromise has prevailed over pursuing a meaningful effort to forge a common-sense, effective consensus to address a pressing problem.