Police can’t protect our community alone

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Nyreek Horne, one of the boys who was injured during the Jan. 27 shooting near Word Tabernacle Church, is back home after spending about four-and-a-half months in the hospital.

Although his homecoming is great news, Horne still has a tough road ahead of him. We hope the community will show him and his family continued support during the weeks and months ahead.

As we think about Horne and his family, we are reminded of why all of us must work to combat acts of violence. No one should have to go through what Horne went through, let alone someone so young.

We all have a responsibility to do whatever we can to ensure our communities are safe and to help prevent senseless acts of violence. That includes doing whatever we can to assist police.

Law enforcement officers do everything they can to protect people in the community, but they can’t do it alone. They need our help.

A number of crimes go unsolved, but we can help be a solution to that problem. Anyone who has information that could help police officers do their job has a responsibility to speak up. Keeping quiet hurts us all.

After all, acts of violence affect our entire community. Therefore, our entire community must be a part of the solution.


The PD

Does not do every thing they can to protect all the citizens if that was the case then communities run over with crime and drugs won't exist they don't in up-scale communities because the PD and the people in that community won't allow the drug dealer to set up shop in their communities just to watch them for months to get a lead on the big fish, some who live in the "hood" don't allow it but the PD uses our community as a trap to catch the drug dealers they're in plain view. How is it possible for one person to get 9 drug selling charges before he's arrested? How many times would he have to sell drugs in an up-scale community before he's arrested? So hell no the PD does not do all they can and they won't and that's a big problem for us all. Johnny Cunningham 252-266-3858

Alone ?

How about at all. They are time wasters and game players.

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