Plenty of choices in school board races

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The field is set for the Nash-Rocky Mount school board races. It’s a crowded field, but we’re better for it.

All but one district seat up for grabs this November drew at least one challenger. Some districts have as many as four candidates running to serve the school system.

It’s great to see local elections garnering this amount of interest. Having a choice in an election helps voters make a more informed decision and forces candidates to stake out positions on issues that matter.

National and statewide elections usually get the most attention, but it’s at the local level where politics can have an immediate impact on residents and improving the community.

School board members set policy for the school system and help plan the education of the children in the community. We can’t think of a public service role more important.

The decisions a school board makes directly affects students, parents, school employees and the local economy.

As important as it is to have qualified candidates filing to run for these seats, local residents carry the weighty burden of choosing candidates best suited to represent their respective districts.

The power of the vote shouldn’t be taken lightly. We would encourage all local residents to find out who is running in your district and learn what those candidates consider priorities.

A popular pastime in many communities is to complain about the local school system. Instead of complaining, which usually doesn’t accomplish much, try voting.

Now that filing season is over, we can now get to know the candidates, find out who the best fit is and then make a conscious effort to go out and vote.

The more active and involved we are in this process, the better our schools will be.