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We’d like to take a moment of your time to ask you to support a cause near and dear to the hearts of employees at the Rocky Mount Telegram – childhood literacy.

The Children’s Book Bank is the result of a book drive sponsored by the Telegram that collects books for the Down East Partnership for Children.

Those books are distribtued to low-income families with children up to 3 years old.

Literacy is the bedrock of almost all learning in an academic setting. Without a strong grasp of reading and vocabulary, every subject in school becomes much more difficult to complete.

So far, students at Englewood Elementary School have brought in more than 1,500 books this year. This was the students’ first time participating in the book drive. The ongoing community project started in 2010 and encourages and supports schools, businesses, churches, day cares and civic groups in book collecting efforts.

According to national statistics, in middle-income neighborhoods, there are 15 books per household, per child up to 3 years old. In low-income neighborhoods, there is one book per 300 children.

To contribute to the Rocky Mount Telegram’s Children’s Book Bank or hold your own book drive, contact Jenny White at the Telegram office by calling 407-9966.

A simple book donation can have a massive impact on the community for years to come. Please help continue these efforts to improve the future of the Twin Counties one new reader at a time.


Crazy Idea

Here's a crazy idea...Don't have a child if you can't afford it.....Just thinking...

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