January 18, 2018

President Trump’s intent could not be more explicit: He wants immigration policies that admit white people and shut the door to black and brown people. That is pure racism – and the Republican Party, which traces its heritage to Abraham Lincoln, must decide whether to go along.…


January 18, 2018

I read the Speak Up with great interest, and appreciate the caller who recently brought the issue of non-publication of Community Events, to the Editor’s attention. I, too, am a subscriber to the Rocky Mount Telegram and have made these same observations before. You read about something that…

January 18, 2018

I am fed up with the liberal, socialist element in Rocky Mount continually bashing Donald Trump.

The Dow is at record highs every week. Business optimism could not be stronger. Record high employment numbers.

Someone said that Trump was just a businessman. Thank God he is just that.…

January 17, 2018

Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi referred to the tax reform bill as Armageddon.

Waste Management is giving two thousand dollar special bonuses to nearly 34,000 employees in North America, citing tax reform.

Eighty-one companies, because of the Tax Reform bill, have announced bonuses…

January 17, 2018

The state legislature’s one-day session on Jan. 10 turned out to be a failure, and a waste of the roughly $42,000 it costs to send lawmakers to Raleigh for a special session.

When legislators set the date back in October, the plan was to redraw judicial districts or consider changing to a…


January 17, 2018

I would like to make a comment about the Speak Up in the Dec. 31st paper.

The caller thinks it would be a good idea to send convicts over to fight the wars.

Sure thing.

That is what we need to do is to trust our national security to criminals who may shoot anyone at will including their own.


January 16, 2018

If government gives you a cash handout or a “free” service and you are capable of working, studying, or providing service to the community in exchange for your public assistance, should you be obligated to do so?

Most conservatives say yes. Most progressives say no. Most Americans agree…


January 16, 2018

It may be time to start paying college football players. Not college basketball players, though. They have it easy, by comparison.

College basketball generates huge money, like college football. But basketball players don’t take the beating that foot ball players do. Also, college…

January 16, 2018

We spend all of this time, money and effort preparing the roads in anticipation of a winter storm's arrival.

We pre-treat the roads and then the storm comes and people drive along as if nothing has changed.

Well everything has changed.

If the government would take some of its vehicles and put them…

January 15, 2018

Our subject today is Donald Trump’s mind.

Not the speculation about whether he’s losing his marbles. That was during our “Fire and Fury” period last week.

Now we’re thinking about that lovely bipartisan meeting the president hosted Tuesday with members of Congress…

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