New year opens door to new potential

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So long, 2013. Take your government shutdowns, NSA spying, Obamacare glitches and twerking right out the door with you. Please.

Hello, 2014. Keep the stock market growing, the skies partly sunny and the Panthers winning. Please and thank you.

New Year’s Day always feels a bit like Festivus – the holiday for the rest of us, as Frank Costanza illuminated us on “Seinfeld.”

Allow us one day for the airing of grievances. Tomorrow – and every day that follows – will usher in the feats of strength.

Speaking of strength ... oh, Lord, we could use some.

It’s not that we begin the new year with a feeling of dread about what the future might bring. It’s just that there’s so much unfinished business from 2013 that we can hardly catch our breath before it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get back to it.

For the more fortunate among us, we’re still trying to make heads or tails of what giant changes in health care insurance coverage mean to our wallets. We’re holding our breath, hoping we filled out the new state income tax withholding forms correctly. And we’ll spend the rest of the year trying to channel surf without hitting Miley Cyrus or a Kardashian.

The less fortunate among us are looking for jobs and hoping the slowly growing economy picks up a little speed. Keep the temperatures moderate, Lord – at least long enough for us to dry out a bit. A little relief at the gas pump would be nice, too.

The new year opens the potential to all that and more. Here’s hoping for some relief for all of us.