New learning program opens to seniors

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A proposed partnership between East Carolina University’s Lifelong Learning Program and the town of Tarboro has the potential to bring some exciting educational and informational programs to area residents who are 50 years or older.

We encourage local residents who are in that age range to attend an informational session at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the Tarboro Town Hall to learn more about the new partnership.

East Carolina University would like to start offering some Lifelong Learning Program courses and programs in Tarboro, which would be a tremendous opportunity for our area.

The Lifelong Learning Program offers a variety of learning opportunities – ranging from courses and lectures to workshops and seminars to special events – that seek to promote social interaction, stimulate intellectual and cultural learning and more.

The program is designed for adults who want to continue learning simply for the joy of learning in a relaxed atmosphere without the additional pressure of grades or exams.

We believe these types of offerings would be a benefit to residents in our area. They also could help with efforts to promote economic development and to attract retirees.


Great concept

It sounds like I need to take a trip 20 miles down the road to hear about the details.

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