Nash partnership with Brewmill a plus

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The grand plan for Rocky Mount Brewmill is coming together in a big way this fall in a new partnership with Nash Community College that includes a degree program in brewing, distillation and fermentation.

The Brewmill’s prospects are exciting for the Rocky Mount area and all of North Carolina. Historic Rocky Mount Mills has sat empty for too long. It’s refreshing to see the buzz being generated by Capitol Broadcasting, the company that bought the site.

Capitol hopes to attract a community of microbrewers who will use the plant to develop new beers and new beer companies in Eastern North Carolina.

The venture has the potential to create jobs at the Brewmill and could lead to new restaurants and other entertainment venues. Microbreweries already are generating jobs and tourism dollars in cities such as Asheville. With its location next to the scenic Tar River, the Rocky Mount Brewmill could be a magnet for foodies and connoisseurs.

All the more reason to applaud the role Nash Community College has stepped up to fill. With a program tailor-made for the industry, the community college can train and produce the kinds of workers who would fit right into a microbrewery environment.

The Rocky Mount Brewmill represents the kind of development every community would love to see – a small operation, initially, with the potential to grow and prosper in the years ahead.

It’s good to see Nash Community College recognize the Brewmill’s potential impact so early in the game. That’s a partnership all of us should toast.