McCrory should veto Common Core repeal

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The Common Core curriculum has barely crossed the finish line on Year Two, and already North Carolina legislators want to throw it away and replace it with something else.

What will the new curriculum be?

We don’t know yet. But it will be better, we’re told, and more suited for North Carolina.

For once, the Republican-controlled N.C. General Assembly can’t be accused of playing partisan politics with the issue. That’s because the Common Core standards have been widely embraced nationally by Republican governors such as Chris Christie in New Jersey and former Gov. Jeb Bush in Florida.

And right here at home, too. Gov. Pat McCrory has advocated for the Common Core standards.

He likes the rigorous benchmarks set by the curriculum and the fact that North Carolina students can be measured accurately against their counterparts all over the country.

More than 40 other states also have adopted the Common Core program.

McCrory reiterated his support for the curriculum as recently as last week when he criticized the N.C. House and N.C. Senate for voting to repeal Common Core. He called the legislature’s efforts “not a smart move.”

Fortunately for the students, teachers, parents and other supporters of the curriculum, McCrory is in a position to do something about the pending repeal.

Assuming that the House and Senate collaborate on Common Core repeal legislation that passes both chambers, McCrory can veto it.

As Charlotte mayor and a gubernatorial candidate, McCrory struck many of us as a common-sense moderate who had North Carolina’s best interests at heart.

It’s time for the govenor to demonstrate that pragmatism in the face of ill-conceived legislation in the General Assembly.



you are right on point!

The Truth About Common Core

Click HERE to find out why Common Core is bad. Telegram, if the information found here is not true, please refute it.


Good luck on that one. This paper doesnt' know the truth when it punches them in the face!



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