May others learn from Sterling’s idiocy

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver elevated the league he oversees to something far above X’s and O’s Tuesday in levying a lifetime ban and a $2.5 million fine against Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

A taped telephone conversation in which Sterling chastised his mistress for associating with African-Americans including Magic Johnson, one of the great ambassadors of class and sportsmanship in any arena, infuriated much of the nation.

Silver, barely a year into his job as commissioner following the retirement of David Stern, did not falter in this, the biggest challenge he has faced since taking office. His comments in announcing the ban and fine sent a message to the world: There is no place for racist actions, including comments as hurtful as those expressed by Sterling.

The playing field of sports has a rich history of bringing together athletes, coaches and fans of all colors, cultures and ethnicities. Sterling’s senseless babble was an affront not just to Magic Johnson and players past and present, but to all of us who have enjoyed the fellowship of sports.

Whether a billionaire such as Sterling can learn something from this seems doubtful. But now is the time for the rest of us to make others take note – and a lesson – from this vile incident.


Sterling is wrong, but.......

In this country it is not illegal to be a racist or an idiot, which Mr. Sterling apparently is. In California, it is illegal to tape someone without their permission. I read this in an article which says a lot about the leadership in this country. "President Obama jumped onto this story immediately after the gossip merchants at TMZ broke the ‘news.’ You’d think, as the President of the United States on an important trip overseas, his remarks would be along these lines: “Yeah, that guy said some messed up stuff. Good thing he’s not an elected official, no crime was committed, nobody was hurt, and none of this has any relevance to the lives of any American who isn’t dating Donald Sterling. Next question.” That’s how a president who respects his office might respond. But a president who never misses an opportunity to reinforce his progressive racial narrative would instead give a lengthy and thorough statement, which includes this little gem: “The United States continues to wrestle with a legacy of race and slavery and segregation that’s still there — the vestiges of discrimination.” Yes, he really did paint the LA Clipper owner’s ridiculous, private comments to his girlfriend as some kind of symptom of a larger national issue. Donald Sterling’s stupid opinions about minorities couldn’t just be Donald Sterling’s stupid opinions about minorities – it has to be an indication that the legacy of slavery still thrives nationwide. It exists in Donald Sterling’s heart, so therefore it exists in America as a whole; lingering in the air we breathe, infecting our souls, and turning us into Republicans. Besides, when it comes to commenting on domestic scandals, President Obama will never live down his cowardly refusal to speak out against Kermit Gosnell. Here was a man who, for thirty years, murdered black infants in his Philadelphia abortion clinic, while his activities were allowed to continue because of the complacency and tacit approval of local, state, and federal agencies. Here was a man who segregated his waiting room by race, and gave better, safer treatment to white patients. Here was a man involved in a murderous scandal that implicated — and still implicates — every level of political authority, and resulted in hundreds of born infants being decapitated, stabbed, and drowned in toilets. What did Obama say about it? “I can’t comment.” Abortions should be “safe, legal and rare,” he said, but he “can’t comment.” “I can’t comment.” The ONE time his comments would be needed, warranted, and appropriate, and he declined Forget everything else the man has done. Forget everything else he’s said. All you need to know about Barack Obama the man, and Barack Obama the President, can be summed up by the fact that he immediately and forcefully commented when a black Harvard professor was arrested by a white cop; he immediately and forcefully commented when a black teenager was killed by a Hispanic neighborhood watchman; and he immediately and forcefully commented when a white NBA owner allegedly made some insulting comments about black people — but when an abortionist was allowed to murder black infants for thirty years in the middle of an American city, he said nothing. In all three of the cases where he did comment, the facts weren’t yet fully known, and the incident had no relevance outside of the area where it occurred. In Gosnell’s case, the facts were established, and the incident encompassed a wide range of local, state, and federal authorities. Yet on the first three he pounced, while on the last case he ran for the hills. That’s all you need to know about Barack Obama." (The Matt Walsh Blog)

It was a private conversation

A man is entitled to think what he wants - all of us are. You and I just don't have a vengeful ex-girlfriend taping us for exploitation. Owning a sports team is a business. I'm sure those who work for Sterling appreciate and spend their generous paychecks.

Only in America

Putin is very close to having Russia invade a sovereign country. For over six years employment has remained stubbornly high and our economy limps along despite billions of "juice" from the Federal Reserve. Here at home the "leadership" of Rocky Mount seems hell bent to spend $45 million of somebody's tax dollars on an "it's our turn" boondoggle called an event center. Now this paper deems it appropriate to take a strong stand against a frustrated old man in California, who incidentally seems to be a pretty poor racist. He owns an NBA franchise comprised largely of black males and his much younger mistress is half black and half Mexican. What a joke and a sad misdirection of interest for thinking people. Only in America...

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