Lamb faces early test as new manager

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Even before he takes office in January, Zee Lamb has successfully fostered a rare feat among Nash County commissioners – he has rallied a unanimous vote on a major decision.

The Nash County board has found itself at odds on key issues numerous times during the past couple of years – on everything, it seems, from the prospects of a Sanderson Farms poultry plant to the construction of Rocky Mount High School to the 2013-14 budget to the dismissal of former County Manager Bob Murphy.

Lamb will assume the responsibilities of county manager in 2014. We hope the unanimous show of support for his hiring is a sign of a better working relationship among county commissioners for future decisions, as well.

Lamb will take office during a challenging time. The county’s regularly scheduled property revaluation is drawing near. If property values have declined, as many folks fear, the results likely will affect how much tax revenue the county has to work with in the years ahead.

Given the commissioners’ fiscally conservative nature, the new county manager will be asked to cut expenses while maintaining needed services for a county of almost 100,000 people.

Lamb comes to Nash County with a stellar background. Not only does he have degrees from Duke University and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, he has served as a county commissioner himself and managed the county administrations for Bertie and Chowan counties for more than a decade before coming to Nashville.

We’re impressed by his credentials and by the Nash commissioners’ hiring decision, but Lamb will face a baptism of fire early in his tenure. We wish him – and Nash County – the best of luck.