Keep hijinks in sitcoms, out of Congress

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Three cheers for the Republicans in the U.S. House. They got together and approved something. House approval is so rare these days we almost forgot what it looked like.
But wait! There’s a catch. The plan that the House has hatched is actually pretty pointless. And it’s got virtually no chance of going anywhere. It’s also confounding.
House Republicans are suing President Barack Obama for not doing his job – and for doing his job too much. Whether you like the president or not, a lawsuit just seems silly. It would be laughable if we were watching a sitcom about politicians who hated each other and were out to ruin all rivals with hilarity ensuing.
But there are real issues that need serious attention, and the majority party in the House continues to bumble and bicker even within their own ranks. Just Thursday, GOP leaders had to back away from their own bill that would have addressed the immigration crisis because a handful of tea party conservatives preferred grandstanding to problem-solving. 
Let the president handle the crisis through executive order, GOP leaders said. But wait! Haven’t you heard? That’s why they’re suing him.
One legislative action that the House is wildly successful at getting approved is voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act – even though it dies immediately after passing in the House because the U.S. Senate and the president aren’t interested in dismantling the health care law. More than 50 times the House has sought to roll back the law, and every House Republican voted against it. But wait! You guessed it. Because part of the law was delayed, Republicans want to sue Obama.
The law’s employer mandate – which Republicans said they hated – has been delayed twice. And even though the GOP has been fighting tooth and nail for that very thing, it’s now part of a suit alleging the president isn’t enforcing the law.
Kudos to the five conservative Republicans who sided with Democrats in opposing the lawsuit, North Carolina’s Walter Jones among them. The rest of the bunch needs to get serious.


Your Liberal bias is showing………………

You have overlook the 360 plus Bills passed by the Republican controlled US House of Representatives that have been blocked in the DEMOCRATICALLY controlled Senate. Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, has blocked most Bills that have originated in the House of Representatives. The only Bills that Senator Reid will allow to come to a vote are those that meet his requirements!!!

You have misrepresented why the US House of Representatives are suing the President over the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). President Obama must enforce any and all laws as written and passed by Congress and signed by the President. President Obama is not enforcing the PPACA as written. President Obama is selecting portions of the laws to override by Executive Order or to delay based on whatever whim that has impacted him at the time. President Obama has delayed or overridden the PPACA as written more than 40 times!!!

The Republicans were elected to office to repeal the PPACA and have made the effort to do so. Are 50 different votes to repeal the PPACA to many, maybe?? BUT 40 plus override by President Obama are too many and maybe an indication of lawlessness. The 40 plus overrides indicate that President Obama also does not like the law that he and the Democrats passed without any input from the Republicans members in Congress!!!

We would not be in the current immigration crisis but for another of President Obama’s Executive Orders. President Obama issued an Executive Order stopping the deportation of young illegal immigrants which sent the signal get here now and you will not be deported. Now it appears that President Obama is going to compound the illegal immigration situation with more Executive Orders not to enforce the laws as written on immigration, a lawless act.

It is not the number of Presidential Executive Orders that are important. What is important is the content of the Executive Order. Does an Executive Order direct someone to violate the law as President Obama’s Executive Order on immigration does or does the Executive Order implement current law or make new law within scope of executive authority. Executive authority does not allow the President to change or set aside a law duly passed by Congress. Once a law has passed Congress and signed by the President all a President can do is implement the duly passed law not change it!!!

Oh by the way, who is talking about impeachment ONLY the Democrats!!! There are no elected Republicans talking about impeachment. There are no Republican talk show hosts talking about impeachment only the Democrats!!! Impeachment of President Obama appears to be a Democratic agenda item!!!

It is time that the do nothing Democrats in the Senate got off their duffs and started allowing the Bills, 360 plus, sent to them from the peoples house, the US House of Representative, to be brought to the floor of the Senate for a vote. President Obama and Senator Reid have followed the “it is my way or the highway” philosophy to long and have become a barrier to the corporation with other elected officials. Their philosophy has allowed the US Congress to become a do nothing during the past 3 ½ years.

It also is time that the RMT became a non-partisan newspaper.

Cliche Branding

The obvious bias of the editorial group at RMT is so very cliche (get it?).

"The Republicans" "The Republicans" lets all blame "The Republicans". Such liberal media bias is to be expected from the NY Times or other rags. But to see such blatant disdain for elected leaders of this country who do their jobs much more effectively than Obama (both revealed in polling data as well as inner-beltway studies) is galling.

SEPARATION OF POWERS was designed for just this purpose. If any one power is over-reaching it is the job of the other two vestibules of control to stop it. If that means "getting nothing done" so more harm is NOT performed - then Congress is indeed doing its job then. That's the whole purpose of separation.

To say they ("The Republicans") haven't been doing their jobs means you (editor) are too ignorant of the workings of the national government and the framer's design or too locked into you own emotional bias of what YOU want ... that you miss the point.

Obama (& the Presidency) is not omnipotent and darn-sure shouldn't be. "The Republicans" represent 54% of the US who say they consider themselves Conservative and 62% of Americans who are AGAINST immigration amnesty. Oh yeah, and the 58% who think the President is over-reaching with his Executive Orders. (all recent data:

Who is the more 'representative' power here? Certainly NOT the President.

Get Real

They are suing him for selectively enforcing the laws of the land. That is not the job of the president. He his preventing the enforcement of laws against illegal immigration. He is selective enforcing and ignoring the parts of his crowning achievement (The Affordable Health Act).

His job is to faithfully execute the office of President and to defend the constitution of the United States. He is doing neither.

If he tries to make illegal aliens "legal" over the Congressional recess by executive order, he will create a Constitutional Crisis that will undoubtedly force his impeachment, something he apparently is shooting for.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz is right, this president is doing his job actually less often and at a rate that is lower than any other president since Grover Cleveland.

We would do well to restrict this president to playing golf for the remainder of his term. That is something he apparently does rather well.

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