GOP open-minded about private schooling

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Something tells us our Republican friends in the N.C. General Assembly didn’t see this one coming.

Once they took control of the legislature, GOP lawmakers wasted no time going to bat for private school vouchers. The new assistance program hurts public schools, in our view, because it takes money that would go to systems like Nash-Rocky Mount and Edgecombe County and instead helps students pay tuition at private schools.

Republican lawmakers defend the program, saying it gives all North Carolina students a choice. A little competition is healthy for the N.C. Department of Public Instruction, they say.

So would you care to guess which private school in North Carolina is leading the pack in terms of voucher applications?

The Greensboro Islamic Academy.

That’s right. As the Greensboro News & Record has pointed out, the same legislature that passed a bill banning the use of sharia law in North Carolina doesn’t seem to mind the idea of tax dollars going to a private school where sharia law might be taught.

Some 170 voucher applications have been submitted so children can attend the Greensboro Islamic Academy, according to the N.C. State Education Assistance Authority.

Islamic worshipers certainly have a right to believe as they wish and to bring up their children in their faith. But we don’t really think North Carolina tax dollars should go toward that purpose. Nor should those dollars be diverted from public schools to go to other private academies, either.

Republican legislators apparently are much more open-minded about publicly supporting Islam education than we ever would have imagined.


Who authoured this drivel?

I absolutely have no issue with someone speaking their mind about why "they" believe that state dollars should not go to private/charter schools. But to go so far out of your way to attempt to associate anyone, republican or otherwise, as being "pro-sharia" simply because a school that benefits from the proposed legislation happens to be "Muslim" is not only bigoted, it is down right shameful.

Let me ask you, since some of the schools that may benefit from this legislation are also predominately "Christian", are they all "pro-Christian" as well? What about the schools that will benefit that happen to be predominately Hispanic or African American? Does that mean that the "Republican legislators" you are speaking about also "pro-Hispanic" and "pro-African American" by default as well? Maybe since there is an income cap on those that can receive the funds, you also believe that the "Republican legislators" are also "pro-Poor People"?

If you are going to attack someone, at least do it intellectually. And if you are going post "opinions" that are laced with bigotry, at least have the same bravado when it comes to including your by-line.

Your ignorance is showing

Republicans do not care what school the person wants to go but apparently you do. Religious freedom is religious freedom. What don't you understand about that?

open minded NOT

I see very little open mindedness from the reactionaries who control our legislature and its obvious your calling them open minded was satire. In reality there are few in the legislature who ever stop and think that Christianity is not the only religion in our land much less the only one who would form private schools. This was just another huge OOPS moment for those who see only with tunnel vision as they dwell in their echo chamber.

Open mindness

Deros, how can anyone with such a closed mind as yours claim anyone else has a closed mind? maybe you should watch something other than main stream media and MSNBC!

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