Go away, winter; bring on the Tourney!

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So who have you got? Duke? Florida? Virginia? Carolina? Think Wichita State has a chance to run the table to a perfect season?

Or are you just going to join the predictable pack of ESPN experts, all of whom are saying Michigan State?

Welcome back to the Madness, friends. Even as we’re still pulling on coats and cursing winter’s last gasp, it feels right to be filling out brackets, throwing cash into the office pool and mapping out TV schedules, doesn’t it?

Never mind the Human Relations Department’s hand-wringing over “loss of productivity” and other such nonsense.

Heck, Warren Buffett is backing a contest that’ll pay $1 billion to anyone who picks every game correctly. Don’t you think the Oracle of Omaha knows a thing or two about productivity?

What a year it’s been already.

Virginia wins the ACC regular season title and the ACC Tournament. N.C. State sneaks into the Dance. The refs slap a tech on Coach K for throwing a silly marker. And all of that’s before the NCAA Tournament play-in games tip off tonight.

Forget about the oddsmakers who say your chances of winning the $1 billion (or even your office pool) are about a zillion to one.

What do those eggheads know about Duke’s pick-and-roll or Michigan State’s Tom Izzo?

Selecting the winner between Seeds Eight and Nine is a 50-50 proposition, right? That’s better than the odds you’ll face in any lottery. (We like Pittsburgh over Colorado in the South, by the way).

So log on – there’s an electronic bracket at rockymounttelegram.com. Or go analog – we ran a print version in Monday’s Sports section.

This miserable winter has gone on long enough. Get in the game!

We’ll take Michigan over Florida in the final.