February 21, 2018

A recent article in The Guardian dons the foreboding title "Robots will destroy our jobs — and we're not ready for it." The article claims, "For every job created by robotic automation, several more will be eliminated entirely. ... This disruption will have a devastating impact on our…

walter williams

February 21, 2018

When someone advocates for action at the state level, they often urge constituents to contact their "local" state representative or senator to join the cause.

If you ask for that legislator in Rocky Mount, you might as well put a name on it – N.C. Sen. Angela Bryant.

For a dozen years,…

February 21, 2018

We took a Sunday afternoon drive downtown to see the new event center.

Why in the world is that dilapidated white church sitting in the brand new parking lot?

It is so close to the new building.

It would take a million dollars to restore that church.

Why wasn't that church condemned and the space…

February 21, 2018

I am calling about our educational system.

I find it hard to believe in today's society there are children in the fourth grade who are forming their letters from the bottom to the top and there is no space to determine where one word stops and the other starts.

Yet we talk about education and…

February 21, 2018

I am a retired police officer and I am appalled at the Rocky Mount police for charging a man who scared away a couple of prowlers/thieves by shooting his shotgun up in the air.

Maybe he should have shot at the thieves.

He should be given a medal instead of a citation.

February 21, 2018

Opinions abound in the news and in the media. But do you want someone else to determine what you believe? Labels are easy to produce and hard to remove. Critical thinking goes beyond parroting what we hear or read. It defines us as intelligent, caring people who earnestly want to know the truth and…

February 20, 2018

Is a $35,000 annual salary "good money?"

That's what N.C. Superintendent of Public Instruction Mark Johnson recently said about the state's starting salary for teachers. The comment ignited a firestorm of criticism from education advocates who say the number is far too low.

Johnson later admitted…

Colin Campbell

February 20, 2018

I would like to explain my view of the the two economic systems, in their purest forms, that are debated in this country.

First there is socialism, which is based on the idea of everyone contributing to the well being of society. This means that if one has a talent to benefit society, they are…

February 20, 2018

If I were the president, I don't think I would have so much to say about a witch hunt on the part of the Democrats when your own administration is providing so much fuel for this investigation.

The president's own son was meeting secretively with Russian operatives during the campaign and then the…

February 20, 2018

I worth like for the city of Rocky Mount to consider a different traffic light going into Sam's Club. Since they are putting in a new bridge, what if they make it a blinking yellow light going into Rocky Mount when the lights change green instead of having to sit and wait?

There is not much traffic…

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