Free voter ID cards are available now

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One of the important components of North Carolina’s new voter ID law took effect with the start of the new year – free photo identification cards to those who can’t afford driver’s licenses or other acceptable forms of ID.

To obtain a free voter ID card, applicants must show a Social Security card and a document such as a birth certificate to verify age and identification. The voter ID cards are available at N.C. Department of Motor Vehicles driver’s license stations.

Not surprisingly, there has hardly been a rush to obtain the free ID cards so far. Many of us are still winding down from the holidays. The identification requirement for voters won’t go into effect until 2016. And even if a photo identification were required of voters this year, the May primary and November general election are months away.

Even so, voters who don’t have driver’s licenses or other acceptable identification cards should consider themselves on notice. The N.C. General Assembly last year passed one of the more restrictive voter ID laws in the country. You’ll have to have proper identification in order to cast a ballot in 2016.


so glad you will have to have

so glad you will have to have an ID now

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