Forum offers a chance to meet candidates

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As the May 6 primary election nears, it’s important for people to learn more about the goals, values and platforms of the candidates who will appear on the ballot this year.

On Tuesday, the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission will sponsor a nonpartisan “Meet the Candidates Forum” that is open to the public. The event starts at 6 p.m. in the auditorium of the Edgecombe County Administration Building, 201 St. Andrew St. in Tarboro.

More than 20 candidates were planning to participate in the forum as of last week. All candidates who are running in the May primary races and candidates who will be on the ballot in November were invited to participate.

This event is a great opportunity to hear from the people who are running to represent us in public office. It’s also an opportunity to ask candidates questions about issues that are important to you.

During the forum, all of the candidates will have an opportunity to discuss their platforms, why they are running for office and what they would do for their constituents. Afterward, they will respond to questions.

We encourage you to take time out of your day to attend. The forum is not a big time commitment, and you will have an opportunity to hear from many different candidates in one setting.

The more we know about the candidates, the better informed our decisions will be when we head to the polls.

A variety of offices are up for election this year, ranging from positions at the local level to positions in Congress. The decisions our elected officials make affect virtually every aspect of our lives, and elections allow us to help determine who our elected officials are by giving us all an equal voice in the democratic process.


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