Energy assistance helps residents in need

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Programs such as Winter Assistance for Rocky Mount (WARM) and the Energy Share weatherization program can make a big difference for local residents.

Take advantage of these programs if you are eligible.

Local residents who are looking for assistance through those programs must first take an energy efficiency class.

The energy efficiency class is a great way to teach residents about steps they can take to help conserve energy and lower their bills.

Simple steps like unplugging electronics when they are not in use or taking a shorter shower can make a difference.

Energy conservation is something we should all be mindful about. We commend the city for being proactive by teaching residents ways to be more energy efficient.

The city of Rocky Mount offers free in-home energy audits for residents, which is a great service to the community. Trained staff members help residents identify ways to conserve energy.

In 2012, the WARM program provided $39,069 of assistance among 156 families, the Telegram’s Brie Handgraaf reported. The program was established in 1986 to help low-income elderly, disabled or recently laid off customers with past-due utility bills.

Because all of the funds for the program come from community donations, it is important for people to support the program.

People can make a one-time donation on their utility bill or round-up funds to contribute to the program. They also can stop by the customer service department at City Hall to make a donation.

Every little bit helps, especially during these tough economic times. We encourage people to donate if they can, and to apply for help through the programs if they are in need of assistance.