Education betters the community

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Beyond all the politics of teacher raises, Common Core and reassignment, school comes down to a basic principle every year at this time – how well can students master the lessons put before them?

There are plenty of exterior factors that go into that process.

Does the student come from a home environment that puts a high value on education?

How well does the student’s teacher communicate and nurture learning? Does the student have notebooks, pencils and other necessary tools? Is there adequate transportation? Does the student have enough to eat? Comfortable clothing? Plenty of rest?

All of those conditions and more affect how well kids learn.

Parents and teachers have the most clearly defined roles in the process, but even those of us who are not so directly involved have a stake in the game.

Well educated students and a high graduation rate speak well of the area when prospective employers consider moving here. Good schools and smart kids make life easier for existing employers who want to hire someone.

Attaining a higher level of education has a positive effect on quality of life. Accomplished students usually land better jobs. They are not as likely to break the law. They pay taxes and contribute to nonprofit organizations.

School starts again in the Twin Counties this week. Parents, teachers, students ... work hard. The success you create inside a classroom has a way of spreading all over your community.


Premise is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The editorial staff of the Rocky Mount Telegram got the premise on education for the Twin Counties correct. What they left out is the failure in accomplishing that premise.

A visit to any retail business or restaurant within the Nash and Edgecombe Counties will quickly dispel the belief that the children of Nash and Edgecombe Counties are receiving a quality education!!! Most of the young have no sense of responsibility nor do they have an aptitude for customer service. If this doesn’t quickly enlighten you then watch as they make change. They are lost without the cash register doing the calculations for them. Just listen to their language skills, I am one to talk but my language skills far exceed most of the young in our community.

With the above being said there are many great students within the Nash and Edgecombe County schools but those aren’t the ones that you come in contact with daily.

The children that are doing excellent to exceptional are the ones with good family support. In many cases it is the family support that has caused the children to excel in spite of a school system that does not put a premium on achievement.

The no child left behind programs is a failure in getting children to achieve. Now we have “Common Core” that is perverting the education process. High standards are a wonderful thing. But high standards based on deceptive teaching and deceptive testing are not high standards but dissolution of an education system that should be based on accuracy and facts not conjecture.

The recent decision by Judge Hobgood and the Editorial by the Rocky Mount Telegram editorial staff are wrong in their approach. The best total education today for children in the K-12 range is private schools. The advent of the charter schools in the public school system is a valiant attempt to mimic the benefits that come from a private school education. Rather than condemning a legislature for its attempt to improve the education of our children both Judge Hobgood and the Rocky Mount Telegram should be applauding their effort. It is activist judges along with misguided liberals that have assisted in the decline of our education system!!!

Since the Brown vs the Board of Education decision parents have been pushed out of the public education arena in order to implement the provisions of that court decision. Then in 1979 the pushing became shoving with the implementation of the US Department of Education. Not only have parents been shoved out of the education system the achievement of our children has decline drastically since the establishment of the US Department of Education!!

Now in most public education venues parents are no-longer listened to but are treated with arrogances, disrespect, and outright hostility… The only place parents have a say in their child’s education today is in the private school or the home school. To deny parent the support they need to get a better education for their child will confine them to a system that is no-longer meeting the needs or educational requirements of our children and our society!!!!

It is time the Rocky Mount Telegram started support our schools by getting rid of tenured teachers, Common Core, all liberal doctrine being taught in our school that is not accurate or factual, all conservative doctrine being taught in our school that is not accurate or factual, and get the US government out of the education business by doing away with the US Department of Education. Do this and the Rocky Mount Telegram will be a supporter of education!!!!

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