Donors make Christmas merry once again

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We’ve used this space plenty of times to recognize the big heart of the Twin Counties community. But even with those experiences in mind, the generosity overwhelms us at times.

The most recent example came this week in a report from the Salvation Army of Rocky Mount.

The organization’s annual kettle drive raised more than $101,400 to help needy families in our community have a merry Christmas. Some of the money supports other programs maintained by the Salvation Army, as well.

That total fell just a little short of the organization’s goal of $104,000 for the year, but considering how slowly the drive began, the finish could be called a Christmas miracle with some justification.

Salvation Army officials told Telegram reporter Darla Slipke that donors raised about $35,000 during the last week of the campaign. As a result, more than 1,200 children in almost 500 families received presents and stockings to help celebrate the season of giving.

It’s little wonder that Rocky Mount was ranked among the 50 most generous cities in the country last year by The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

That kind of accolade means a lot to those of us who are proud of our community, but it probably had very little to do with the reason shoppers tucked their loose change into the red kettles manned by volunteers at local shopping centers.

Those folks just wanted to help a kid have a merry Christmas.

Congratulations, Rocky Mount. Once again, you have succeeded admirably.