Don’t let television cloud voting picture

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North Carolina voters face plenty of important decisions at the polls this year, from county commissioners and sheriffs, to state legislators and members of Congress, to the choice at the very top of the ballot – U.S. Senate.

All of those elections are critical to the future of North Carolina. Candidates in every race will be asked to discuss their thoughts and positions on issues that reflect our values and the way we want to live.

The background of each candidate and his or her responses to issues and questions should be the most important factors in consideration as voters begin casting their ballots.

Yet, even as we sit around the kitchen table and compare the qualities of Candidates A, B and C, many of the issues that will drive the debate in the biggest race in the state this year will be flown in from somewhere else.

Already, outside interests have poured millions of dollars into yet another mud fest of television campaign ads.

Americans for Prosperity began airing commercials in 2013 that attacked U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan, a Democrat.

Patriot Majority USA has begun airing ads that attack N.C. House Speaker Thom Tillis, a Republican.

Tillis has yet to win the GOP nomination to face Hagan in November. But that hasn’t stopped Patriot Majority from going after the guy it presumes will be the nominee.

The outsiders have put a high value on the Senate race here – not because they have any understanding or connection with the values or issues that are so important to the people of this state. They simply regard the seat as an important number in the race to see which party controls the U.S. Senate in Washington.

North Carolinians have good reason to pay attention to the issues championed and discussed by candidates seeking the Senate seat – no matter who they might be. But it’s just as critical to shape the decisions we make this year based on what’s important to us.

The barrels of cash sent in by outside interest groups have a way of clouding that picture.

All the more reason to ignore the television ads and pay attention to what the real candidates are saying and doing.


THE issue for 2014

Here is the issue/question for this election cycle-- will North Carolinians keep the politicians in who have assisted Obama's usurpation of power and illegal diminution of America at every turn or will they be replaced by true leaders who understand and can defend the US Constitution? If you like your leftist politicians, you can keep your leftist politicians. Period. End of story.

Obvious telegram bias once again

After reading this editorial, I suggest the telegram do a little more investigating because it seems obvious that your selections for any vote would have a big D beside the name. Who are you trying to fool? As far as cash from outside forces, take a look at the Democrats "charity" to our state from outside forces!


Thanks for a good editorial that favors neither left or right. If it favor anything it favors good old fashioned common sense.


Are we supposed to let your biased reporting guide our vote? Get real, we should listen to all sources and make an informed decision. Just because the source of the information is outside the state does not mean it isn't valid information. We sure can't depend on the Telegram to give us the truth. You guys are so biased it almost isn't worth the effort to read what you have to say.

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