Disc golf course will be good for Tarboro

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A disc golf course would be a great addition to the town of Tarboro.

The Tarboro Town Council voted last week to move forward with building a disc golf course, pending necessary funding. We see plenty of benefits to building a course.

Disc golf, which is similar to traditional golf in many ways, is a great form of recreation and entertainment. Players throw discs at a target and try to complete each hole in as few throws as possible.

Rocky Mount’s disc golf courses seem to have quite a bit of use, which would seem to indicate there’s plenty of local interest in the sport.

Plus, disc golf is relatively inexpensive, which means anyone can give it a try without having to invest a lot of money. A professional quality disc costs less than $15, according to the Professional Disc Golf Association.

The start-up costs for building a course are relatively inexpensive, too. Town officials discussed a minimum cost of about $9,000 for 18-holes. Each hole would cost approximately $500, they said.

We understand that these are challenging economic times, and not all residents would use a disc golf course.

Therefore, we encourage town officials to pursue independent funding for the project, such as sponsorships or grants.
Tarboro resident Brian Schweberger, who is the 2013 U.S. Masters Champion, said they already have funding from local sponsors for four baskets, tee pads and tee signs. That’s a great start.

We hope having the disc golf course would encourage local residents to spend more time outdoors and exercising.

The course also could attract disc golf enthusiasts from other towns, especially if Tarboro hosted tournaments.

Those visitors would spend money in town.

While they were visiting, they also would have an opportunity to see the town’s many other positive attributes.