Celebrate a historical landmark in Tarboro

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We are glad to see the Rotary Club of Tarboro working with the town in an effort to ensure that the Town Common will be maintained and preserved for generations to come.

Tarboro residents take great pride in the town’s rich history, as they should. The Tarboro Town Common serves as a historic landmark for the community and a gateway to the town’s historic district. It is one of only two remaining original town commons in the United States, according to the town’s website. The other is in Boston.

That is quite a distinction for the community.

Last week, representatives from the Rotary Club of Tarboro and the town held a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate a partnership between the two entities in which they will work together to help make sure people will have an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Town Common for years to come.

Over the years, a number of trees on the Town Common have been damaged because of storms and other stresses.

The town of Tarboro and the Rotary Club of Tarboro plan to work in collaboration with representatives from N.C. State University, the N.C. Forestry Service and other organizations or experts needed to implement a comprehensive, long-term plan to rehabilitate, maintain and preserve the Town Common.

The Rotary Club plans to raise private funds to support those efforts.

It’s always great to see civic groups and local governmental entities working together to better the community. However, this project is particularly exciting because a place so special deserves to be preserved.

As communities develop, open space is becoming harder and harder to come by in many places. The Town Common offers a reprieve from city life that features historical value, natural beauty, recreational opportunities and more for local residents.


Rocky Mount should follow

Rocky Mount should follow. Find an old train and put it down at the station, turn the city into a replica of the early 1900's. Add a movie theatre. Encourage antique shops , Soda shops, etc. Encourage tourism. Make it something tourists would like to see. Sounds stupid, but does anyone else have suggestions?

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