Bring campaign finance reports into 2014

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The world outside Raleigh has grown accustomed to using the Internet for everything from ordering books to paying bills to filing taxes. It’s time for North Carolina legislators to join the 21st century by filing campaign finance reports electronically.

A bill that passed the N.C. House last year would require legislative candidates and political action committees receiving more than $10,000 to report those contributions online. Presidential candidates and U.S. House candidates already have to file campaign finance reports electronically.

Requiring North Carolina legislators to do the same would bring better speed and efficiency to the financial reporting process. It also would open the public’s eyes to who is contributing heavily to the people who make important decisions in state government.

Under current rules, lawmakers have the option to file such reports online, but more than half continue to file paper reports. Not only is the paper process slow and tedious, it also is open to mistakes and guesswork when handwritten reports come in illegible.

With 21st century technology, we’re way past the days when handwritten reports should be the norm. Bob Hall, executive director of Democracy North Carolina, has complained that years can go by before the N.C. State Board of Elections gets around to inputting data from the reports.

There’s no excuse for that kind of delay. The bill passed the House last year with bipartisan support. It’s now in the hands of the N.C. Senate Rules Committee.

Here’s hoping the Senate sees the wisdom and need for this legislation.


Don't improve it, repeal it

Memo to Republicans in the General Assembly: ignore these moral morass monday morning quaterbacking leftists. They want you to leave all their leftism in place and expand upon it. Here is the proper response to idiotic calls for "improving" campaign finance reporting: repeal all the campaign finance laws and grant pardons to all previous law breakers (who BTW are Democrats including Mike Easley the stupidist governor NC has ever had).

Our reactionary legislators

The majority in our legislature are well on the way of driving our state back well over half a century so I doubt there is much hope in them becoming familiar with modern technology.


How are they reactionary and driving us back in time? Back to when unemployment was lower? Back to when taxes were lower? Back to when gov't didn't act as a nanny? Back before people of 'moderate means' meant they worked harder to get ahead - instead of not working & expecting a handout?

But by going back - I hope you don't mean back to recent Democrat leadership? Hunt, Easley, Purdue were factual FAILURES. Morally and operationally corrupt! The numbers prove it out. So I clearly hope we aren't going back to that crap!

Noah, you are right on target

Noah's comment is right on target. The Democratic Party has created the mess we are in. However, you are wasting your breath with this paper. It is so tied to the Liberals, there is no way common sense will never play a role in their opinions.

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