Bailey served Rocky Mount well over years

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Those who have spent any time at all in Rocky Mount or have attended a City Council meeting have probably seen a well-dressed woman discreetly helping out.

City Clerk Jean Bailey has served the city, its residents and its leaders for nearly 38 years. Her dedication was honored this week with two retirement receptions held by city employees and close friends.

Mayor David Combs made a point of praising Bailey’s hard work as she strived to keep city officials on track and informed about issues in the community.

At one of the recent receptions, City Manager Charles Penny said Bailey has “been a tremendous asset to the community. She came from Georgia, but she loves Rocky Mount. She is retiring, but I expect to see her handiwork all around Rocky Mount.”

Telegram writer Brie Handgraaf reported this week that Bailey looks forward to spending her free time visiting her children, grandchildren, siblings and friends around the country and world.

Bailey, as a dedicated public servant, deserves her retirement. We wish her well and hope someone else is capable of filling her shoes.