Arrive alive – don’t text and drive

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The message behind today’s editorial will hardly send readers into a boiling rage. It’s simply this: Don’t text and drive.

It’s common sense, right? We all know better. And yet, so many of us are guilty of picking up the phone “just for a second” to see what the kids need or what our wives or husbands want from the store.

And that’s all the time it takes for an awful tragedy to occur.

It happened just last week to a happy young woman on Interstate 85 near High Point. We know she was happy because only moments before she died, she posted a “selfie” photo and a cheerful message on her Facebook page – while driving.

Courtney Sanford should be remembered for much more than a moment of distraction just before her vehicle crossed a median and collided with a heavy truck. Our hearts go out to her family and friends – no one should die so young.

But let’s make use of that terrible moment to remind ourselves of the consequences that can occur when we glance at our screens, look for a song to play, Google a phone number or send a text to a friend. We needlessly roll the dice every time we do any of those when we’re behind the wheel of a moving car.

North Carolina has outlawed texting and driving. Drivers found guilty of doing so face a $100 fine.

That’s a small, but symbolic consequence for undertaking an activity that is so potentially dangerous.

We’re smarter than that. Put the phone in a tray or a console when you’re behind the wheel. Pull off the road and stop if you’re expecting an important message.

Keep your eyes on the road and arrive alive. Your family and friends will love you for that.