November 19, 2018

As a young boy I remember hearing the stories about that first Thanksgiving, when the Pilgrims and Indians feasted together.

The romanticized fable pictures everyone around long tables sharing food and friendship and even smoking a pipe of peace, but we know the reality was that those Pilgrims had…

Tom Campbell

November 19, 2018

Recently Orange County District Judge Scarlett compared Silent Sam to Hitler and by extension the human suffering of slaves to that of the holocaust. Based upon her remarks, it is not clear how well Ms. Scarlett knew Sam or Adloph Hitler.

Statistically speaking, Sam had not celebrated his 21st…

November 19, 2018

While President Trump is pardoning two turkeys for Thanksgiving, every one of us can exercise that same presidential power by choosing a non-violent Thanksgiving observance.

And here are some other good reasons:

• You can brag about pardoning a turkey, like Trump — or not.

• You…

November 18, 2018

Who will succeed Margaret Spellings as president of the UNC System?

That is what folks in the university community are asking these days. The next question is, can anybody be persuaded to take that position after how the system’s board of governors has treated the last two presidents, Tom…


November 18, 2018

It's been over a week since Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis were declared the winners in the Florida elections, and here we are undergoing a recount in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Out of the 67 counties in Florida, these two have an ongoing scurrilous and tainted history delivering…

November 17, 2018

His election wasn't close and his campaign didn't get much attention in Washington, but Mitt Romney coming to the U.S. Senate is a big deal.

John McCain's death created a vacuum in the Republican Party. The late senator from Arizona was unique in the GOP, but some honest and uninhibited voices…


November 16, 2018

In mob movies they call it "going to the mattresses" — getting ready for war.

One day after voters put an end to unaccountable, strongman-style, one-party rule in Washington, Trump moved to cover his flank. He shoved out Attorney General Jeff Sessions and installed a replacement, Matt…

Eugene Robinson

November 16, 2018

A resident of Battleboro recently wrote a rebuttal letter titled “Universal Health Care Not Socialism.” The title alone gave me pause. It made my brain hurt.

Universal health care is literally one of the main tenets of a socialized government. In order to relieve my headache, I feel…

November 15, 2018

When French President Emmanuel Macron denounced populist nationalism this week and called on world leaders to support institutions such as the United Nations that defend "the common good of the world," liberal elites cheered.

The speech was seen as a rebuke of President Trump, whose opposition to…


November 15, 2018

During the past few days, when Veterans Day approaches, the media has been drumming support for the notion that all wars are all the same and honoring veterans is the main point.

Really, are all wars the same? Why even fight if all wars are the same? What are people fighting for?

This is an attempt…

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