While much of the country sleeps, a revolution is going on

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Many of you, I am sure, have read that interesting and arresting story by Washington Irving titled “Rip Van Winkle.”

The main idea of the story was Rip slept for 20 years. On his way to the mountaintop, Rip passed an inn featuring a picture of King George of England. When Rip came down 20 years later, the same sign posted a picture of George Washington, the first president of the United States.

When Rip noticed the picture of George Washington, he was truly amazed because he knew not who George was. This reveals that one of the most striking things about this story was not so much Rip sleeping for 20 years, but he slept through a revolution.

Yes, while he was peacefully snoring on the mountaintop, a great revolution was taking place, a revolution that would change the face of the Earth. But Rip knew absolutely nothing about it because he was fast asleep.

One of the great liabilities of history is that all too many people find themselves sleeping through great periods of social change and they fail to achieve the mental attitudes that the new changes demand. And in a real sense, there is nothing more tragic than to sleep through a revolution.

Certainly, a revolution is going on in our nation today. Our friends across the aisle seemingly are only interested in Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS, massive tax breaks for the 1 percent and the super rich, repealing the Affordable Care Act (even though 8.5 million have signed up and most have paid premiums,) and investigating voter fraud (even though there has not been any widespread accounts in any of the 50 states or Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The Grand Ole Party seems to have little to no interest in raising the minimum wage to a living wage, extending unemployment benefits, passing the Jobs Act (which would produce hundreds of thousands of jobs almost immediately), global and climate changes (which humans are inescapably involved), and passing immigration reform.

In my opinion, my party, the Democratic Party, should be steadfast, vigilant and continue to register as many potential voters as possible to elect candidates who will serve our causes. To remain awake through this great revolution, we must be vocal, aggressive and willing to dedicate the time and service in order to win the elections in 2014 and 2016.

Robert E. Cordell Sr.

Rocky Mount


Revolution for sure

The president, the congress, the courts, and the press are destroying the foundation on which this country was built. We are becoming a Marxist socialist society built on tyranny rather than the rule of law. The revolution is a silent one because the press is a willing participant. Silence makes for peaceful sleep. I'm sure when America wakes up, she will wonder when the United States of America became the United Socialist Republic of America. We get what we deserve when we allow them to destroy us, unchallenged.

Misguided, Uneducated, and Ill-informed……

Mr. Cordell on many occasions your letters make wonderful reading, are informative in nature, and appear to come from a common sense approach. BUT with this letter you have taken leave from your normal common sense approach to things.

First - The Fast & Furious guns sold to the Mexican cartels on the orders of President Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder have killed thousands in Mexico and untold numbers in the United States, Brian Perry is just one example. Any gun programs under the Bush administration were cancelled before Bush left office. Fast & Furious is a gun running program out of the minds of the Democrats in office!!! Fast & Furious is a United States disgrace!!!

Second - With Benghazi, it is the cover-up that has gotten President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and numerous other Democrats in trouble. Yes, Benghazi was a terrorist attack and we lost four brave Americans in the attack. With Benghazi we lost an ambassador to a terrorist attack. The first ambassador killed by terrorism since the late 1970’s. The Democrats position with the killing of four brave Americans has been well summed up by Hillary Clinton’s comment of “What difference at this point does it make?” before a congressional hearing. Many want to compare the Benghazi cover-up to the Watergate cover-up. There is one big difference no one was killed in Watergate while four brave Americans were killed in the Benghazi terrorist attack that the Democrats are trying to cover-up. The Democrats attitude on this indicates just how much they value American lives.

Third – The targeting of conservative groups by the IRS was influenced and basically directed by Democratic. As of now we do not know how high the influence pushing the targeting of conservative groups goes. All indications are that President Obama may have been the impetus behind the targeting. Emails revealed have proven that the targeting was influenced from the White House as well as from Democratic members of Congress!!! We will just have to wait and see just how deeply involved the Democratic Party and its members are involved.

Fourth – There have been problems within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for decades the only problem is those problems have grown exponentially under President Obama and the Democratic Party controlled Senate plus a Democratic Party controlled House of Representatives until January 2011. Wait times for claims of disability have more than double and in some cases tripled since President Obama took office. President Obama knew about the problems within the VA and promised to fix them. President Obama’s promises to fix problems at the VA are like all his other promises empty rhetoric!!!

Fifth – An increase in minimum wage will do as it always has done hurt those at the lower end of the income scale more than it will help them!!! The CBO has already indicated that more than 500,000 low income jobs will be cut or lost by an increase in the minimum wage. Every increase in the minimum wages reduces the number of jobs available to low income earners!!! The Democrats love to hurt the low income individuals more than they enjoy helping them. By keeping individuals on welfare and in the low income earner arena they believe that this increases their voting block!!! Minimum wage is an entry level wage and is not meant as a wage for someone trying to support a family. If someone is working a minimum wage job and trying to support a family they have made some very bad decisions somewhere along the way. Everybody should be striving to improve their lot in life and that means educating and re-educating yourself all throughout your lifetime. We have Nash and Edgecombe Community Colleges here locally and everyone should be educating or re-educating themselves to get out of the entry level job!!! Education and re-education must be in jobs that are in demand not just feel-good courses!!!

Sixth – Extension of unemployment benefits will just keep people unemployed. Unemployment payments as a benefit are a ruse. When unemployment runs out people will find a job!!! There have been a number of studies that have pointed out the fallacy of unemployment benefits and the recipients’ willingness to return to work.

Seventh – Climate change and climate warming is a hoax. The climate hoax has been sold to the ill-informed and the uneducated public so that the hucksters proclaiming climate change and climate warming can get rich off the public’s and the government’s ignorance, Al Gore is a prime example of a rich climate huckster!!!

Here are some links to YouTube videos that present a picture that many see as the true Democratic Party voter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKbtaEol-EQ , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouhUP3BulGA , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53C2-b8BOLs , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVX-c07uefc , and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Cai3Go7Xu4

Talking points as usual

Mr. Cordell is correct about one thing; More people than should be are sleeping while the Progressive Democrats are destroying the very foundation by which this country was formed. I would ask Mr. Cordell to explain just what a living wage is? Our society, under the Democrat controlled Senate and Barrack Obama, has given us the largest Debt this nation has ever known. A debt that grows by the millions every day. (Of course, I realize the Democrats put all the blame on George Bush and Obama has tried to fix It. that is a joke, if you failed to get it) I would also bring to Mr. Cordell's attention the fact that our miss guided President has also tried his idea of the jobs act and that failed completely. (Shovel ready jobs) Why would the Progressives think that shovel ready jobs would ever work. The only people that will consider them would be illegal aliens because it has become more profitable under this administration to sit back and draw welfare than it is to work for a living. I guess Mr. Cordell's idea of jobs would be solar and wind energy jobs, which by the way have ended up being another hole to throw money into without any real job additions. If Mr. Obama truly wishes to create jobs he would allow the pipe line from Canada to be built. As far as voter fraud is concerned, yes, it does exist, yet Mr. Holder refuses to investigate any Democratic voter fraud, now why is that, Mr. Cordell? We all know why the Democrats seek amnasty for the illegal aliens, because it means more votes for Democrats. The Burdon that this country bares for medical, welfare, and education for illegal aliens is staggering. Yes, I do call them Illegal Aliens because they enter the country illegally, which miens they broke the law. We allow them to come in, yet we have a marine in prison in Mexico because he turned the wrong way and crossed the border. So this administration sits by and lets him rot in prison while welcoming Mexico's citizens with open arms. Everyone should be concerned about Benghazi because we lost Patriotic Americans without any true reasons for it. Oh yea, that was two years ago so we should just let it go, As Hillary Clinton would say. The IRS scandal, now that's no big deal. We should just allow the IRS to target anyone without cause. The Democrats alone gave us the largest jobs lost agenda by passing the, The "Affordable (what a joke) Health Care", better known as Obama care. Yes Mr. Cordell, we sit by and allow the progressives to ruin a great country that is now the laughing stock of all the other nations. Unfortunately, your party will probably continue to reign and continue to destroy this country simply because either you can not face the truth or simply want to feel good. I will say that after 25 years of listening to the Democrats and being a party member, I finally saw the light. I thank God for giving me the intelligence to realize it.

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