Unity Breakfast speaker has a legacy of facilitating racial healing

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The Rocky Mount Branch of the NAACP welcomes Dr. Julianne Malveaux to the City of Rocky Mount’s Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration this year.

The NAACP’s mission is to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination.

As we all commemorate and honor the life work and dream of Dr. King, we believe that we will continue the progress that was spurred by his visit to our community in 1962.

As history notes, Rocky Mount was one of the first places that his “I Have a Dream” speech was publicly presented.

We are privileged to still have vibrant activity underway today in the Historic Booker T. Washington High School gymnasium and facility where that giant once stood.

We are also proud that our diverse and balanced city of Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission would have the courage and vision to bring a great American like Dr. Malveaux to Eastern North Carolina.

We support their decision for inviting a well-respected columnist, author, educator and past president of Bennett College, one of America’s oldest black women’s institutions.

She is a highly respected leader and advocate for civil rights, human rights and education. She speaks truth to power, just as Dr. King did while he was alive and especially when it was not popular to do so in mainstream America.

This year’s Unity Breakfast will be historic and, we believe, one of the best King Celebrations that the city of Rocky Mount has sponsored.

Dr. Malveaux has a legacy of facilitating racial healing through truth throughout this country.

We hope her message will inspire, encourage and help unify our leaders and citizens as we continue to directly deal with race relations in a serious, positive and honest dialogue.

The Twin Counties is long overdue for racial healing.




Rocky Mount



Love how these folks

hide behind code names, use code words and etc. but then have a problem with black folks speaking truth to power and we sign our name. LMBAO!

Oh yeah...Add Illiteracy to the List

Sorry Curly Dancy, I forgot the most important socio-economic indicator of all: The High Rate of Illiteracy in his Ward. Somehow your postings reminded me. Dang man the Tech Schools have grammer courses; take a class. Afterall you'll pay no tuition. Without some help, in a battle of wit you're out of ammunition.

Why do I need to you got the message?

I choose to write the way I do because I know it will give IGNANT RACIST WHITE FOLKS and SAFE NEGROES something to talk about because they are afraid to talk about RACISM publicly especially those like you whom hide behind a CODE NAME! I love it! I work a real high paying job and January 26 will be my 27th year anniversary. Anymore ignance? LMBAO!

"Speaks Truth to Power"

A common phrase that is used alot by some elected officials and so-called community activist is "Speaks Truth to Power." It's a profound statement indeed and it implies that the person being described is truthful in what they say, and moreover, their words are backed up by real accomplishments. Fine, I like that! So, in the vein of truthfulness Councilman, please share with us some of the tangible or measureable accomplishments that have been made on behalf of your constituents. And by that I mean real quality of life issues for residents in your Ward. Not miles of new sidewalks and Dollar Stores, but real quality of life measures. Reduced unemployment - not; an increase in the number of people who identify themselves as actually looking a job - not; an increase in the number of owner-occupied residential properties - not; a decrease in the number of persons enrolling for foodstamps, welfare, SSI, etc. - not; a decrease in gang-related crime and drug activity - not; a decrease in the number of homeless and hungry in our city - not; a reduction in the financial burdens of high utility bills - not; an increase in private (no public) spending to develop new jobs, industry, etc. within the area - not; any improvement in overall hope, racial harmony, having a shared vision, collaboration with neighboring units of government - not; some stability in population numbers (that is to say more folks are moving in than out) - not. I could go on and on, but what's the use. Let's start with those issues. Please "Speak" some of that "Truth" to us, enlighten us ol' ye with so much power.


It does not matter what we do you and your likes are not going to like it. Ignant the people in his ward continues to re-elect him so obviously they appreciate all that he does for him. However many that do not live in his Ward contact him when they want something done also. Knight and the City Council is not responsible for bringing jobs it is their job to give those who are responsible for bringing jobs the go ahead. It is not their responsibility as it relates to the other things you mentioned: not; an increase in the number of owner-occupied residential properties - not; a decrease in the number of persons enrolling for foodstamps, welfare, SSI, etc. - not; a decrease in gang-related crime and drug activity - not; a decrease in the number of homeless and hungry in our city - not; Former Mayor Turnage and some others are responsible for the Electricities thing as it relates to the need for a reduction in the financial burdens of high utility bills. But you want to blame this City Council. All of the other you mentioned is what you want but I dare you to look at the role and responsibilities of the City Council and post it here. You will not because it will show that you are ignant to how the council operates. SMDH!

What do you expect?

This lady is par for the course. She resigned from Bennett College under a "cloud of questions" of fiscal mismanagement. In 2011, Bennett College was placed on accreditation probate with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools for fiscal instability. Nothing like getting your fingers around the keys to a public purse is it Andre? Spend away!!

Come On Knight !

Andre Knight this letter really shows how illiterate you really are. You talk about unity and overcoming racism and you are the the biggest race problem of this city. In a recent city council meeting you pulled out the race card and you do every time something doesn't go your way. But the real problem with that meeting was not about you using the race card. It was about the Mayor and the City manager sitting there allowing you to do it. I believed in Dr King's dream at one time. But now that dream has been destroyed by people like you, Obama and the NAACP.All of you preach division not unity. The event center is not being built to help Rocky Mount. It is being built to fatten the pockets of you,Penney,others on the city council and Mayor Combs !

Come on Badman

If you believed in the Dream then you did but must have been a lie because Dr. King died years ago and his dream lives on and there is nothing and nobody can do to change his dream. When will some folks quit show how ignant they can be because how can those you name profit from the Civic Center? All I ask is for everyone to be honesty, tell the truth and let the chips fall were they lay but will not happen as long as some mission is to mislead others.

Did someone hear something ?

You know Dancy I have always been told you can't argue with a fool. So I want argue with you. You need to read and think before you speak. But then again you are one of those that can not do two things at one time. I did not say the dream died ! I said the dream has been destroyed because of people like you and Knight. And those people I named can profit from the civic center. If you were as smart as you think you are you would keep your mouth shut and quit sounding so ignorant !

Argue? How ignant!

I say what I mean and mean what I say! Ignant noone can destroy Dr. King's Dream get that! I repeat again the Dream can not be changed, added to or deleted unless someone can find factual documentation concerning Dr. King that could make it happen. I am no ways an ignant black man but a strong intelligent black man who do not accept what Racist White Folks and Safe Negroes say to or about me. Now Run & Tell That!

Race Baiting Andre

And that racial healing starts with you Mr. Knight, stop race baiting. You are the problem!!! Maybe you need to practice the NAACP mission as you state in your letter.

Can't have racial healing when

one do not want to talk about RACE. Well!

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