Supreme Court, legislature pose more of a threat to free speech

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A Letter to the Editor in the Sunday Telegram concerning the right to free speech sounded like something out of “Bizarro World.”

This was an alternate universe in the Superman comics where everything was backward.

John Hood of his own “one-man” conservative think-tank John Locke Foundation states, “These enemies of free speech reside primarily on the left side of the ideological spectrum.”

I disagree. It is the right-leaning Supreme Court in recent decisions that equates money with free speech. Those with the most money can influence political outcomes in their favor by buying the ballot box.

Here in North Carolina the Republican governor and legislature are taking away free speech of the electorate with the most severe voter suppression laws in the nation.

Legislation that gives tax breaks to the rich and corporations, that cuts off unemployment benefits and assistance to the needy, refuses to expand Medicaid, curtails women’s reproductive rights, allows Duke Energy to pollute, cuts education funding and rejects climate science is not supported by the majority of North Carolinians.

I have written before of the dangers of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas in North Carolina.

The legislature just passed a law making it a crime to divulge the ingredients in the “witch’s brew” of toxins that make up the fracking mixture.

Where is the EPA? Where is “right to know?” How can this be happening?

We must be in Bizarro World, where our state government does not believe in global warming, that having poorly educated and malnourished children is a good thing and it is all right to pour poison into your drinking water.

The Moral Monday protesters of these draconian measures have been met with new rules that are in violation of the First Amendment. Their rights to freedom of speech, to assemble and petition for redress of grievances are being denied.

The Constitution-loving right needs to come back to reality.

Mitchell Jackson

Rocky Mount


Here we go again

Straighr from the Democratic handbook! In the first place, The moral Monday crowd should adhere to what their their Democratic party affiliates said after Obama won election, You lost, get over it! the moral Monday crowd is a joke! Why does the Black Community and the Democratic party think that all they have to do is protest and they get their way? Get a life. you lost! I realize that it is difficult for you to understand anything that is against your own desires, however, as you said, you lost, get over it!

Thank you Mr. Jackson

Your letter is excellent and to the point. Mr. Hood's "think tank" tanked long ago and I am waiting to hear words from the tank that indicate anything resembling the actual ability to think.

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