Students should be treated as individuals – not test numbers

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I do believe our children should be treated as individuals, and test scores should not be the main focus.

In her reading and English class the teacher does not have time to teach as she has to administer tests three times per week.

Teachers and students are feeling the stress. The school my grandchild goes to does not have enough books, or paper. Where are our school taxes going?

Parents had to have a fund drive just to buy paper. Is there something wrong with this picture? Our kids are individuals, not a numbers game. Go back to basics!

Dixie Breheim


I was so happy to see Stanley “Big Griff” Griffin at the Board of Elections filing to run to become sheriff of Nash County.

He has always been concerned about our communities and has been equally concerned and involved with our youth.

This is what we need in a sheriff – someone who will reach out to our communities and become involved, be visible and do what is necessary to protect our citizens and make them more secure.

I am excited and optimistic about Nash County’s future and look forward to casting my vote in the May 6 primary election for Stanley “Big Griff” Griffin for Nash County sheriff.

Barbara Wright