Rocky Mount residents should keep an open mind about event center

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I have listened to presentations on both sides of the proposed event center.

This controversy has partly divided our city. I hope the ultimate outcome will bring us all together and Rocky Mount can go forward.

The City Council started with a feasibility survey. The civic center was not ruled out and our city moves forward gathering the details.

Many details are still to be determined. The financials; where to put it; what will it cost; will taxes and/or utilities go up; is adequate parking available; utilities available, what size and layout; and all the other details that go into such an undertaking.

I feel certain that the Council has looked at and is still exploring, many of these issues. An undertaking this size requires thorough study.

Until the final shape is known, I have no way to make an informed decision.

Rumors abound about many of these details.


Many others agree with me that we should keep an open mind about the civic center.

I urge all citizens of Rocky Mount to keep an open mind until we know what exactly the civic center requires.

An open mind is neither for, nor against, the final proposal.

Let the City Council proceed with the studies, make them known, allow public input (pro and con).

That will be the time to make my decision and express it – not now.

Leon Henderson Jr.

Rocky Mount


It is not so much a question....

of an open mind but rather a wait and see attitude. I'd be surprised if the council sought additional public input on the matter and then gave serious consideration to that input. Given the demographics of Rocky Mount, I believe the city manager and a majority of the council are comfortable in making it happen without any real concern over the political consequences. All we can do now is to wait and see just how bad the additional tax load will be. I'd approach this issue with an open mind if I thought the city manager and the council also had an open mind. I think their collective mind is made-up. It's going to happen. It will be interesting to see/hear Mr. Henderson's reaction when he finally comes to the realization that that is the unfortunate case.

Open Minds - Closed Council

Mr. Henderson,

What you fail to recognize is that the RM City Council has already approved finding funding for the Event Center. It is NO LONGER a concept but a reality. The RM City Council accepts the studies - has already commissioned a design - and plans to move forward.

Mr. Henderson your optimism would have been appropriately timed in March. It is far too late to not have an informed opinion anymore. Property taxes are GUARANTEED to increase by a MINIMUM of $0.04 per $100 ad velorum. And that is only if all the foreign investors and New Market Tax Credits come together 'perfectly' as planned. If not the property tax increase will be even more than $0.04 per $100 (it's $0.58 now)

Putting faith in the hands of people who pay NO PENALTY for the faults of their actions ($45 MILLION!!!) is incredibly naive at best and just idiotic troll-mindedness at worst.



It Doesn't Matter

Andre Knight has announced that regardless, the makeup of the city council makes it certain that they will do what they want to do. So, you see, it does not matter what you or I think.


First of all, we need to know the location of the proposed event center. Then, we need to know who is the owner of the property.


First of all, we need to know the location of the proposed event center. Then, we need to know who is the owner of the property.

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