March 01, 2017

Once upon a time in the 1990s, a young state senator from Nash County named Roy Cooper went to Raleigh and championed a number of new laws that made it much easier for the public and the press to find out what government was up to.

North Carolina’s laws regarding open meetings and public…

March 01, 2017

Anyone who's ever pulled anchor and abandoned the house, office or locker room when someone is on a rant can certainly sympathize with the Republican lawmakers who dodged public meetings during the congressional recess.

No one enjoys dealing with some stranger who is foaming at the mouth.



March 01, 2017

The thing is, college can be a poor investment.

The higher education industry, primarily colleges and universities,know how to pull on the heart strings of parents.

Parents want to do right by their children and that means trying to give their children every opportunity.

The colleges know that and…

March 01, 2017

The craft beer industry is booming and N.C. beer distributors are pleased to play a leading role in that movement. Beer lovers now have access to more than 14,000 labels of beer, and N.C. distributors are responsible for bringing most of those brands to the marketplace.

Our state has three of the…

February 28, 2017

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is a bad deal for North Carolina and in spite of Duke and Dominion’s slick, big money push to rush it through, it will not go unchallenged.

Their high pressure gas transmission pipeline, behind schedule and still lacking approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory…

February 28, 2017

Much has been made of Melania Trump’s absence from the capital.

But our new president’s most intense, primal, torrid relationship is in full “The War of the Roses” bloom here. And it is not with his beautiful, reserved wife. It’s with the press, the mirror for the…


February 28, 2017

I want to call and nominate Judy Mesko's recent Letter to the Editor for letter of the year.

We need more people like Judy Mesko to write in to the Telegram and less of “oh, woe is me, the world is coming to an end because people don't agree with the views of Julia Manning.”


February 27, 2017

And now, things that are Really Happening in the world of Donald Trump.

We bring you this list as a public service. It’s easy to be distracted by all the strange/contradictory/awful things the president says. For instance, a lot of people were stunned when he responded to a question about…


February 27, 2017

I would like to get something clarified. When Barack Obama was president, he would produce legislation for Congress to enact. In cases where he could not get the Republican-controlled Congress to pass his legislation, he would issue an executive order.

When he did this he was labeled by Republicans…

February 27, 2017

Obama had everything sealed when he became president.

Since he is no longer president, I wonder if this will be public record.

I would love to know who he is.

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