Rocky Mount has bigger issues than an event center to confront

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With reference to the headline “City Ranks on Two Top 10 Lists” in Sunday’s Rocky Mount Telegram, I would like to make a few remarks.

In one ranking, we have been ranked as one of the worst crime cities in the country compared to cities of the same size, and in the other ranking, we were ranked second in exceptional markets in the South to relocate restored traditional industry.

Who in their right mind is going to entertain such a city for their company when they have many others to choose from? I can assure you of one thing, businesses looking to relocate are much more concerned with the overall health of the city such as crime rates, unity, is the city progressing, and what are the city’s priorities.

It is pretty evident at this time that the proposed event center is the city’s No. 1 priority, which is creating a lot of division. The direction and success of this city is governed by the mayor, city manager and City Council, and it is also pretty evident we are not headed in the right direction. Was there any consideration given to other locations for the event center?

The city leaders are so intent on locating it downtown they have lost all sensibility concerning what is good for Rocky Mount.

I have lived here all my life and would like to see the downtown area like it used to be, but it is not now, nor will it ever be what it once was.

It certainly has the potential for small shops, but I feel it is highly unlikely that it will attract any hotels, motels or large businesses that will draw a lot of traffic. An event center downtown will not attract the new businesses that the city anticipates. I have been in the commercial real estate business for the past 50-plus years, and we take a lot into account before a final decision is made.

To my knowledge, the city leaders are only considering one location. How about considering the whole of Rocky Mount as opposed to one area?

At this time, I personally do not think we should build an event center as we have too many critical issues facing us.

First of all, the city leaders need to get their priorities in the correct order. The obvious one is crime. The safety of our citizens and their quality of life should be of utmost importance.

The city says we are improving, but obviously, Movoto, the national real estate research site, ranks us as the fourth-most dangerous city of its size in the country. Do we really think prospective businesses will seriously consider us?

We have also become a divided city. To some people, it is always a black and white issue. We need leaders in our community who do their homework and get the best results for all individuals and the community.

We can get this city back again on the right track, but it will not just happen. We need strong leadership.

Remember when Rocky Mount was named an All-America city in 1970 and then again in 1999. What happened? In those years, the city was unified.

Mayo Boddie Sr.

Rocky Mount


City of Rocky Mount Issues

Although I do agree with Mr. Boddie on the most part, we the people of Rocky mount need to stop complaining and take the time to make a stand and vote for the BEST official for the job and not vote mainly because of color. We, the citizens of Rocky Mount, are facing a reverse discrimination issue here especially regarding our council members calling members of the community racists or saying their opinion is based on race..... Delete the entire city council and start over...we would lose a couple of very good ones, but we would be well on our way to cleaning up this city! Divide the city in half for all I care and have a Nash County Board of Commissioners and an Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners. Let the council members be elected based on their area of residence and let the mayor oversee both sides and cast the deciding vote on what is best for the entire city rather than just one area. The next thing to do would be to bring in the Drug and Gang Task Force like some of the leaders of the Compton, California area to train our forces that are already in place...get rid of the deal weight and hire new if needed, but these guys handle these situations on a daily basis. People that come from smaller, beach towns that have never even seen this type situation are NOT what we need here. Thirdly, get rid of the corrupt DA's and judges that are taking under the table money for the more violent issues...mainly drug trafficking and gang violence issues...people with recreational marijuana usage or first time DWI offenders are in the wrong, but are not the ones that need the proverbial book thrown at them or made an example of...all they did was make a mistake where as the others are habitual offenders and are not going to stop until we make them stop or make them move out of our city. Lastly, give the big businesses some kind of break whether it be utilities or taxes, so they will want to come here and bring more jobs to the area...if a person, whether a blue collar type or a thug has money in their pockets, they very seldom are out robbing and stealing to support whatever habit they have...whether a drug habit or providing for their family needs... People want to complain that some of the criminals are getting singled out because of color. If there are 20 people in Rocky Mount's Most Wanted and one is white, one is Mexican, and eighteen are black, it is not a race based situation, but yet a factual and a fact based statistic...nothing racial about it. The downtown complex being located there is as dumb as it hotels/motels, no easy in and out for the possible amount of traffic, nothing that would benefit the city as a whole nor makes sense. The Roanoke Rapids Theater did not make a ton of dollars and is currently in the hole and it is located on I-95. If we were going to locate this place any where, it should be near the I-95 and US 64 (future I-495) could draw from Richmond to South of the Border and fro Greensboro to Kill Devil Hills since all places are basically two hours away. Places to stay and restaurants are already there. That makes too much sense... It seems like a lot, but we all know where the problem is. We just can't get rid of it without racial issues being thrown out every opinion only!


Alright for some folks to bring up RACE but black can't. Oh hell no! You gonna learn the day!



Does Cuminus Have a Job?

Does anyone know where Cuminus Dancy works ? Does he have a job? If so his employer needs to be BOYCOTED. White people need to picket Cuminus BUtch Dancy's employer.

Share your boycot plans with us.....

slave2dalightbill wrote:
Does anyone know where Cuminus Dancy works ? Does he have a job? If so his employer needs to be BOYCOTED. White people need to picket Cuminus BUtch Dancy's employer.
OK, Slave, you now know where he works. So please share with us your plans for boycotting Honeywell. What do you plan to do? Are you going to picket the plant? Stop buying engine fuel controls?


Honeywell across from the college on 301.

I know where he works....

slave2dalightbill wrote:
Does anyone know where Cuminus Dancy works ? Does he have a job? If so his employer needs to be BOYCOTED. White people need to picket Cuminus BUtch Dancy's employer.
but what you are suggesting is foolish. Why take your ire out on his employer? Try to read what he says without letting your emotions affect your interpretation of what he states. When I do, sometimes I pick up on some uncomfortable truths in his opinions and observations. And before some of you jump on me for stating that, please understand I'm just an elderly conservative white male who has moved around this old ant hill for more years than I care to remember. By the way, I, too, get disgusted with he starts his name-calling and uses words like "ignant." It doesn't do anything to help him make his case.

The Rocky Mount That I Knew

We have a new generation of people that still needs the older generation values. Eisabeth Kubler-Ross (American psychiatrist) stated, “We need to teach the next generation of children from day one that they are responsible for their lives. Mankind's greatest gift, also its greatest curse, is that we have free choice. We can make our choices built from love or from fear.” The Rocky Mount that I knew: (from the book ‘A Place Called Williford Town.’ Page 11 “It is the reminiscences of 1950's and 60's that captured my mind, a world still alive in my heart, but ancient to my kids and surely, Roman days to my grandchildren. Those years’ principles centered on the husband-wife-children family, the friends next door, the church down the street, and the local school around the block. The white people lived together, the African-American people lived in their own community called ‘Little Raleigh’, and I don’t remember any foreigners living in the area. Colored people, Negro, or black people were the term they called African-American in the 1950s. Good or bad, I lived in that world. The house doors were never locked, or maybe we just hooked the screen door, and the neighbors were trusted friends. I do not recall a murder or rape in my community while I lived there those nineteen years.” Page 31 “Elders were looked up to, and the community was safe while the doors of the house did not have to be locked.” Page 72 “I never knew major trouble at the park. There was not reported any fights or killings in the newspaper while I was growing up. The parents were never anxious about us playing. They knew we were safe at Aycock Park.” Charles Colson said, “If there is any hope, it is to be found in a renewed and repentant people possessed of a moral vision informed by Scripture, respecting of tradition, and committed to recovery of character. We must be a people of conviction, prepared to offer the world a story filled with courage, duty, commitment, and heroic effort that will inflame the amoral imagination of the west.”

Reducing Crime should be a priorty-forget Event Center

Mr. Boddie was exactly right in everything he said. The Mayor and Council have their priorities in the wrong place. When will Rocky Mount wake up and elect leaders that truly want to lead us in the right direction who have their priorities straight? If people would vote for what the person stands for and how well they can lead our city rather than what color their skin is, we might head into the right direction. I don't vote based on skin color, I vote based on character and values, that is why I did not vote for Obama and why I did vote for Sheriff James Knight and why I will vote for Mr. Knight again. As for the town idiot Dancy, he should go spread his venomous bigotry somewhere else.

I basically agreed with what

I basically agreed with what you had to say except voting for Knight again...he is the main problem on the city council and his affiliation with the NAACP should be a conflict of interest as far as an unbiased opinion for the city as a whole...I am not even sure that is address is actually where he lives...probably has two houses just so he can claim residency to be able to be in that particular preceint...If I were not raising a small child by myself with NO government assistance, I would gladly move to the branch Street area just so I could run against whoever is in tthat area....might be dead in a year because of the crime, but that would only further prove how bad this city has gotten....


Too ignant!


Curmilus, you have just put the nail in the coffin. You are an ignorant old fool. You black folks should just move. Racism is still alive in this terrible city.


Cumminus "butch"where do you work so I can boycott your employer? You are a racist and shame on you and your pathetic self.

Until some folks move, die or whatever things will remain

So how did you come to the conclusion that the event center is the city’s No. 1 priority? And how do you come to the conclusion that just because a small group of white folks are complaining that they speak for the majority of the folks in the city? Damn what a strong statement that the city will never be what it once was? So that is your belief about downtown but the city manager and staff sees otherwise but ya’ll are the only ones that are right. I have been trying to figure out why ya’ll closed the Carleton House. I used to eat there, attend meetings there regularly and now goes on the Nash side to Highway Diner to get the Carleton House pork chops often. I wonder why was the Carleton House closed because on Sundays it was hard to get in for black folks leaving church and going there. Damn so the location is a problem for you? So in other words put it on Nash County side? I want to know how did the crime affected you and others before the report came out and then I want to know how it has affected you and others since the report came out? So what do you suggest that the city leaders can do without all the people being safety conscious? About the report? Hell these folks came up with a certain criteria but someone else could do another report and use another criteria. But does the report really support how the people who live in the city feel about their city? One thing I didn’t see in the report is where Movoto talked to the people in the city. But that is okay. But some of the same folks will say the city leaders do not talk to the citizens. The city of Rocky Mount didn’t just get divided since the council became a 4-3 black majority. It was said in a meeting by a white person that if the council became a 4-3 majority black council that the white people said they were going to leave town. Also another white person said, they got the majority but we white folks got the money. Very interesting that you think that the 4 blacks and 3 whites on the council are not all good people. I just love it when it is okay for other folks to talk about the olden days but when we black folks talk about the olden days, it is an issue. One thing olden days for white and black folks is no comparison. Anyone who has not realized race matters when it comes to politics then they will stay in the blind until the end of time. But my suggestion to everyone is don't take my word for it, do your own homework and talk to other folks and you will get a better understanding of what Rocky Mount is really up against. This council has worked together and I stand behind all of them.


Mr Dancy, I would like to clarfiy your comments/remarks concerning the choices made for the Carelton House and The Highway Diner: There hasn't been a profit made on the Carelton House for many years before we decided to close it. We decided to keep it open because it is a wonderful place to have families dine after church on Sundays. My grandfather Mayo Boddie visioned of having a diner in Rocky Mount. The decision of location on the diner was based on several factors: 1--- The name "Highway Diner" needed to be close to a major highway(s) (64 & 95) in order to substain business. 2--- He had other visions in mind to help better the community such as the Harley Davidson shop and Candlewood Suites hotel (Harley Davidson and Candlewood Suites are partnered with others). If you have any other remarks or comments concerning my family, please feel free to contact me. I would love to clarify them with you. email: work #: 252-937-2800 ext 1211 Thanky you and have a blessed day! Bill Boddie Jr

Go away Dancy

Dancy, just go away and leave the city alone. If you had one grain of sense you might be dangerous. I haven't seen a hot air Balloon yet that didn't eventually blow up or fall to the ground, and quit referring to the Caucasion population as "White Folks". You are by far the most racist person around and you just love to show it! By the way, racism was never mentioned in Mr. Bodie's letter, but you are so racist and bias you can't say anything without using it as a crutch to advertise your "political Agitator" title. One final say, Dancy, Crime affects the city as a whole. Whether it is perpertrated on Blacks or Whites, the entire city suffers!

Okay made your point so answer the questions LMBAO!

How did the crime affect you and others before the report came out? How has crime affected you and others since the report came out?


That comment does not deserve a comment. In other words, your "ignants" is beyond repair.

Black crime

First my name is Johnny Cunningham 252-266-3858 I give that info. because I mean what I say and I say what I mean. It's time to take off the blinders of black v white. The issue on hand is CRIME and a large % of crime is being committed by young blacks who have been from birth stomped through the cracks of life, they only know what they learned from each other, children raising themselves. They become uneducated, unskilled, unemployed, and spend time in jail. They kill each other and now 2 people are gone 1 in jail and 1 dead. this not a black or white issue this is a Rocky Mount issue and if you as an adult don't take off the blinders and find ground to work together it will get to a point when no one will be safe and the sad thing is that adults are leaving examples and acting as little children as young BLACK males are killing each other just about every day and that's a fact. Just think about what the real issue is and put your personal BS on the back burner and lets deal with this crime monster once and for all, you may not want to think that we don't need each other or that you "black man" don't need the "white man" (how dumb is that)? but look at who signs your check and everything else in your life and your family. We need each other to fight this crime wave or it's going to destroy our city and that my friend will not happened, because just as I told the city of Rmt. "We will fight this crime wave with you, without you or through you". When you see all of Rmt. come and working together to better our city for our families and the world to see don't be left out of this rebuilding process.

Okay made your point so answer the questions LMBAO!

How did the crime affect you and others before the report came out? How has crime affected you and others since the report came out?

Answer to your question

We have put in the ground and buried over 30 young black youth in the past 20 years, this crime wave did not start yesterday nor did it start because of the report the report just made known a fact of the matter, you can call it what you wish but this fact is sure, YOUNG BLACK MEN ARE KILLING AND BEING KILLED, CRIME IN RMT. IS ALIVE AND DOING VERY WELL IN OUR CITY AND THAT'S THE PROBLEM. When people can't freely shop in the city where they want because of the fear of crime and when people don't want to live in a part of the city because of crime it destroys the growth of the city as a whole and we all suffer if you're not suffering the effects of crime in our city it's because you're a part of the problem. We have houses in high crime areas that if we moved them to other parts of the city they would triple in value.

Police Chief of Rocky Mount Report

But they will twist this report to make it what they want also. And with him being a black man the twist comes much easier. Oh damn I mentioned RACE! SMDH! Crime level in 2013 was best since the 1980s, police chief says

dancing curly you have just

dancing curly you have just wasted an hour of your time posting that IGNORANT diatribe. It makes about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine. I can grant you no one has the least bit of interest in where you eat your pork chops. However one fact remains certain--that in all these years of you portraying the village idiot you still don't know me.

Thanks for always playing the race card.

I am a proud well educated black female that wants the best for my kids in my classroom and my community. It concerns me that you have to bring race into everything. Nothing Boddie said was about race. Who would move here after reading that report? Families? Businesses? Look at our retail sector? It's gone! We've lost so much it's Not even funny. It's time to put the race card away and look at the real problem. My child plays teeball and had practice last night at Grover Lucas park where there was shootings last night as well. We have a problem. Put your race energy towards solving our crime Gang issues. It's time to wake up. Innocent boys are loosing their lives, we are losing our community and all you can worry about is race and pork chops? It's 2014 let's work together!!! Latasha R.

Too ignant!

LMBAO! How did the crime affect you and others before the report came out? How has crime affected you and others since the report came out?

Working together

We have a plan (Corp. The Re Group1) that will create jobs and teach people living in blighted communities to rebuild their lives and rebuild their communities. We purchase properties in blighted communities, hire the people that live in these communities and teach them to rebuild their lives and teach them the skills to rebuild their communities. We can't do it alone it's just so many houses and so many people, we need all the help we can find, if you are willing to help please let us know. I'm going to see if I can meet with Mr. Boddie and present the plan to him to see if we can form a partnership to address the issue of crime in our city. We are headed in the right direction by doing something about crime and not just talking to waste time. It's all of our city and we all must put in the work to make it a safe city. If you want to view the plan let me know. Johnny Cunningham 252-266-3858 The Re Group1


Mayo is exactly right. Until this city truly recognizes the fact that we have other problems that contribute to the lack of interest by companies seeking to expand in NC, our city will continue to spend for causes that mean nothing to the improvement in the cities employement opportunities.

I agree

I agree with Mr. Boddie. We have far too many concerns in Rocky Mount to give any serious consideration to an "event" center at this time. Maybe one day but now is not the time.

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