Obama’s record is one of scandal after scandal after scandal

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It has now become apparently clear that we are witnessing the most inept, incompetent, feckless and lawless administration that has ever occupied the White House. The case could also be made that the chaos besieging the country right now with scandal after scandal after scandal is all by design by a radical ideologue, straight from the blueprint of Socialist Marxist Saul Alinsky. Either way, “at this point, what difference does it make?”

Barack Obama promised his administration would be the “most open and transparent administration” in history and “the rule of law” would be the “touchstones of his presidency.” I get the transparency part because many are now seeing right through him. He has brought disgrace and dishonor to the office of president. He has either broken laws, changed laws, or rewritten laws in order to push his radical agenda, a clear violation of Article 2 of the Constitution on presidential powers. The law is what he says it is. When you have a corrupt president and his buddy Eric Holder, the Attorney General, who has been found guilty of criminal contempt, a first in U.S. history, anything is possible.

The president can get away with lies, deceit, cover-ups and all involved know they are immune from prosecution. This is further enabled by a liberal media, because Obama is their man, they helped him get elected.

More than half the voters in this country are politically disengaged and rely on information from state-run print and state-run mainstream media, lapdogs for the Obama administration. The two distinctions between Obama’s transgressions and that of Richard Nixon is that the liberal media couldn’t get enough coverage on Nixon, and where Nixon endeavored to use the IRS to punish political enemies, the Obama administration has used the IRS to attack everyday Americans expressing free speech rights.

If I may, I’ll borrow one of Obama’s favorite lines: Let me be clear. Obama first said he would get to the bottom of the IRS scandal, then he called it a “phony scandal” and then he said there wasn’t a “smidgeon” of wrongdoing. This fits a pattern of deceit and deception. Just replace one scandal with another scandal and proclaim that the first scandal is “old news.” Since you know half the voters are disengaged and the media’s on your side, with time it will just go away.

What was so right on some levels was so wrong on others. What does it say about the country that twice elected a president merely for the color of his skin rather than the content of his character? We ended up with a Chicago politics community organizer whose decisions have been dominated by socialist ideology, making emotional decisions to key issues rather than rational ones that would benefit all people. The latest nonpartisan poll found that a majority of Americans do not trust this president or his ability to lead the country for the remainder of his term. The best that we can hope for is that with each passing day, we are one day closer to the end of hope and change.


Rocky Mount


Same old garbage...

So you say! Give us something concrete and not the same old GOP/Tea Party lies. Throw something fresh out there...

Same old garbage...

So you say! Give us something concrete and not the same old GOP/Tea Party lies. Throw something fresh out there...

obammy........peats and repeats..........

scandal after scandal after scandal.........and then lie, lie, lie.......... its a great moment in history to watch the legacy of this guy in the white house being developed on a daily basis........ but can you surmise???...........obammy legacy = WORST PRESIDENT IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE USA........ so yeah, jimmy C......you re off the hook.

Same ole same ole

No surprises here, typical left response always playing the race card, leveled the same harsh criticism of Bill Clinton, an adulterer and perjuror, you have no standing

Are you the same Dancy that

nm Just another dancy whine-----No basis at all

Faux news clones

Just another rant of mostly Faux news talking points.

Faux news

Maybe you should watch a little Faux news, you might learn something!

Political Agitator at it again

Way to go Dancy. I see you're still at it, showing your racist, "ignant" lack of intelligence. You know, there is such a thing as just not liking Obama's policies rather than the color of his akin, but I'm sure you can't understand that being that all you "agitate" about is race! Obama is an intelligent man, however I can't say the same for You!

Because of the color of his skin

is the reason why ignant racist white folk can't get over this intelligent black man being their President. SMDH!

You're right

You're right!

It has nothing to do with failed social programs, failed foreign policy, the appointment of avowed communists to cabinet level positions, the criminal misbehavior of appointees, the denial about guns run into Mexico by our own government agencies, the denial of the IRS targeting of some groups, the wire tapping, the inaction of the DOJ, the deception surrounding Benghazi, the lack of consequences for inept and corrupt appointees, the questionable payoff of AKPD to help David Axlerod, the payoffs and bailouts for big contributors, banks, and Wall Street, the payouts to bankrupt bound green companies in spite of warnings, the vow to put the coal industry out of business, the fiasco created for sport shooters by his anti-gun policies, the lies about the ACA, the failure to prosecute Sebelius for using her position to demand campaign contributions, and the numerous overstepping of his legitimate and moral authority, not to mention his dictatorial attitude in demanding his way or no way, and all the other things that have happened in the last 6 years that he didn't know about but should have.

Nope! It has nothing to do with any of that. It's simply the color of his skin...

Thank you so much for pointing that out and putting everything into proper perspective.

Black Man?

I believe his mother was a white woman. Morgan Freeman once said Obama came from a mixed marriage. I agree with him.

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