Facebook visibility can help save animals by promoting adoption

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Facebook has gone to the dogs – literally!

Facebook may have its faults, but through various animal welfare groups, it is helping to save the lives of unwanted animals everyday.

Nash and Edgecombe counties have many good, responsible pet owners who truly love their animals. Sadly, there are still many strays and unwanted animals filling up our shelters.

Our local shelters are small, high-kill shelters that still use gas.

The shelter staffs are wonderful people who make every possible effort to help these animals, but they can’t save them all.

Fortunately, some amazing people formed volunteer groups and a new rescue group.

They help out in the shelters everyday, photograph the animals, and help promote them for adoption and rescue. We can all help, too.

If you are on Facebook, like these pages:

  • Advocates of Edgecombe County Animals (SPCAANC)
  • Friends of Rocky Mount Animals, Inc.
  • Nash County Animal Friends
  • Promoting Animal Welfare in NC
  • Pet Overpopulation Patrol (POP-NC)

Visit these pages and help share the photos.

Visibility is the key to many of these pets living another day.

There also will be information on various ways to help, spay/neuter clinics and rabies clinics. You just might be able to help a pet get adopted, rescued, needed medical attention or reunited with its family.

Most important, you just might see that one face that makes your heart melt!

Saving just one dog won’t change the world, but surely it will change the world for that one dog. – Anonymous.

Cynthia Matulich

Nash County