September 21, 2017

I’m an awards-show geek who usually spends the morning after the Emmys or Oscars nattering about who was unjustly robbed, who was unwisely dressed and whether it’s a felony in Hollywood to consume more than 300 calories a meal, because it sure looks that way.

But that’s not my…


September 21, 2017

As I sit here and continue to watch the coverage of the flooding, I see neighbor helping neighbor, stranger helping stranger and I realize that people are quite genuine to one another. I see that people do really love their neighbor, regardless of their skin color, sexual preference, or their faith.…

September 21, 2017

The economy is heating up, but gas is still stubbornly cheap.

Gas should be $4-$5 per gallon but it is not.

Before the hurricanes, it was $2 per gallon.

Gas prices are being kept down artificially to prop up sales of big trucks and SUVs.

There was more traffic this summer than ever before, and it…

September 20, 2017

The decision to oust the incumbent mayor of North Carolina’s largest city came down to a margin of just 3,398 voters — 0.6 percent of the registered voters in Charlotte.

Pathetic voter turnout in municipal races is nothing new, and the 8.73 percent turnout for the Charlotte City Council…


September 20, 2017

So Ross Douthat thinks the North Korea situation is similar to 1962, and the Cuban missile crisis of that year.

In what universe? You find yourself wanting to ask him. (”Korean Missile Crisis echoes one from ‘60s;” Rocky Mount Telegram; Sept. 1, 2017)

Oh, well, he’s young.…

September 20, 2017

I am calling to comment on the article about the high-speed chase in which the fellow from Halifax County was chased all the way from Scotland Neck into Tarboro.

He was traveling at extremely high speeds, endangering the public, wrecking several vehicles, tearing down property and then he was…

September 19, 2017

America faces two serious national security threats today that look wildly different but have one core feature in common — they both have a low probability of happening, but, if they did happen, they could have devastating consequences for our whole country and the world.

One of these threats…


September 19, 2017

To Ivan Price (letter of Sept. 9) and others who believe that defense of slavery was an insignificant cause of the Civil War:

Declarations of Secession were passed by South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas. In each one, defense of slavery is the foundation of secession. Slavery as the main…

September 19, 2017

Excellent letter to the editor on Sept. 4th by Jack Dunn, where does the move to punish previous actions in history end?

He goes on and on about different things.

This has gotten ridiculous and I myself am wondering where does this end?

September 18, 2017

Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools officials recently announced a laudable plan to open a new technical high school.

The five-year school will focus on providing its students with marketable job skills so they are better prepared to enter the 21st century workforce. As Telegram staff writer Amelia…

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