Eliminate constant testing, development, and let teachers teach

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I recently retired from teaching.

I had the pleasure and good fortune to work with the finest group of people over the past 30 years – classroom teachers.

The solution to improving our schools is to allow these intelligent, creative, compassionate, and hard-working teachers to do what they do best – teach.

The solution is not to implement new programs and create “data-driven” schools. Instead, eliminate the constant testing and artificial reward programs and make schools a place for uninterrupted learning.

The classroom teacher is overwhelmed with useless tasks that do not improve learning. Teachers are bombarded with interruptions throughout the day, and are forced to sit through professional development that does not improve student learning.

Teachers need time to plan and do the essential work – preparing effective lessons for the students. And the one constant throughout my teaching career that affected my ability to effectively teach was class size.

Upon leaving, I had 32 to 37 students in my classes. This is too many for one human being to teach!

Perhaps if all the curriculum specialists were given a teaching position in a classroom with students, class size could be reduced and learning could be the priority in our classrooms.

I believe the best curriculum specialists are the teachers, and until this is recognized and all teachers are given better pay, our schools are doomed for failure.

Susan Purinai

Rocky Mount


Forgotten Responsibility……………..

Ms. Purinai, I thank you for your 30 years of service to the community where the public schools are in which you taught…… Teaching can be a very rewarding profession……I understand that fact from my few years teaching at the local technical schools……There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the lights go on with a child that has had a difficult time grasping a concept and finally gets it no matter what subject it is; reading, arithmetic, geometry, physics or one of the many other subjects. Today, teachers and school administrators in our public schools have forgotten that they are public servants serving at the will of the people who pay their salaries……The parents are the ones who are responsible for the education of their children, teachers and school administrators have forgotten that simple fact……The teacher’s job and the job of a local public school system is to assist the parents in the education of their children not the elimination of the parents from the process as has been done over the last 60 years. Ms. Purinai, you are on the right track for improvements in our public school system……But before your recommendations can be fully implemented the parents have to be brought back into the process at local public school system……Additionally the public school administrators and the public school teachers have to be educated to the fact that they are public servants there to assist the parents in the education of the children……Public school administrators and public school teachers must realize that as public servants it is the parents of the children who sets the curriculum of the local public school system and not the public servants. Ms. Purinai, until public school teachers and public school administrators take their rightful place as assistants to the parents in educating our children our public education system will remain confused and deteriorating……

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