City can’t afford to build an event center, no matter where it is

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In regards to the event center, it is not about race. We are so tired of hearing that. We being ones opposed to the center.

Yes, Andre Knight made some rude comments/allegations; but the fact is, we cannot afford this event center.

All of these pretty and big descriptions and words and ideas can be used, but the fact is, we cannot afford to do this event center.

As many have expressed, there are far more important things this city needs to have and take care of than to do this.

If we are already in debt or barely not sinking, why are we pondering this? What is this telling our children? “You’re in debt, but go ahead and dig yourself in deeper?”

Whether it’s in Nash or Edgecombe County, it is not feasible to do this. And, speaking of location, why is this such a big secret? What is the City Council not telling us? Is someone benefiting from the sale of land for this event center on the City Council?

It has been said that we didn’t disagree years ago when this proposal was brought up for Nash County. Well, maybe financial times were better then, I’m not sure. If I’m thinking correctly, the location at that time was right off of U.S. 64, which was considered feasible by many. But it would not be economically feasible now – it’s as simple as that.

Lastly, an event center is not going to save Edgecombe County or Rocky Mount. But in my opinion and many others, it will sink it.

Donna Levijoki

Rocky Mount