BrewMill project holds great potential for Rocky Mount

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The Historic Mill Houses make up just one neighborhood that surrounds downtown Rocky Mount. I have described them as gems, and I believe they are about to become diamonds in the rough!

There are residents in this neighborhood who have lovingly restored and cared for their homes over the years. The proposed BrewMill project by Capitol Broadcasting will put the Mill and this wonderful historic neighborhood on the map.

I may be wrong, but it seems like there are no two homes alike. They each have their own charming features, and some of them have huge lots.

Imagine a home with a yard, for your dog or garden, within walking distance of downtown. Thankfully, current residents and now Capitol Broadcasting have the imagination.

I like to think huge because after tackling the unknown and compromises, you still end up with something big.

Those who believe in the BrewMill project and can imagine themselves living in a restored mill house might want to get on a “list” as a future homeowner. Whether they will be rental properties for Capitol or homes for sale, I can imagine a bidding war between renters or home buyers to secure one of these unique homes; especially for some prime features, such as a large yard. Imagine how cool it will be to watch this neighborhood grow. There will undoubtedly be bike riders, joggers, dog walkers and all the other signs of life in a community. The Rocky Mount Telegram will have more houses on their paper delivery route. An increase in residents so near to downtown will likely spur development of small businesses to meet the needs of this neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods. All the more why a Harris Teeter Express would be very popular!

Hilarie Vetere

Rocky Mount



First, Textiles are not coming back. So, acknowledging that, how about we embrace a project that has the backing to make it succeed. I encourage all skeptics to visit Read the plan. Ask questions of the Brewmill team. Dismissing this without investigation is short-sighted and just plain bad business. I spent last weekend with the Brewmill team and a lot of excited brewers ready to come here and make their way in a BOOMING industry. I listened to Michael Goodmon talk about the vision for this project...I'm not here to sell you on anything, but, i, for one am behind this project and I am behind the impact this project will have on our community. Let's let this succeed...Let's MAKE it succeed...just my opinion, but i hope to buy you all a beer when the taproom opens. Eric Ghiloni

You want to fix Rocky Mount?

You want to fix Rocky Mount? I can point out the problem. Ride around and see all the empty textile plants and figure out a way to get those back up and running. All of these jobs have been sent overseas and nothing has replaced that income other than unemployment and welfare checks. The south was once the beneficiary of industrialists who were fleeing the union strongholds in the north. Now, the quest to raise stock prices and make an extra dollar have sent those jobs overseas with no regard as to the effect on the American economy. Of course, those industries have the finest lobbyists (and politicians) money can buy. I just don't see how the socio-economic issues in this country can be addressed without tackling the issue of manufacturing jobs. It is the root cause to the problem.

You Have A Point

David, I don't disagree with you. However, we are just making observations on the the physical appearance of the buildings in question.


Are you sure you're in Rocky Mount NC. or did you take a left into outer space or maybe you own property in that area and you see dollar signs in your eyes or maybe you believe a sucker is born every second and just so happened they all are in Rocky Mount?


Are you describing the same properties I ride by every other day? The owners of these so called gems have abandoned them. They are vacant, they are falling apart and probably beyond repair. Do you work for the city?

Assuming Capital Broadcasting is serious.....

about the concept, it will be interesting to see what kind of hoops our enlightened city leadership will make them jump thru in order for it to become a reality. There is one strike already against it: the location is in Nash County.

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